Tilo 3 Thermal Image for Elcan Specter 1/4x by Oberland Arms and Andres Industries AG

    The new Oberland Arms mounting adapter allows you to attach the new Tilo3 thermal imaging device from Andres Industries to the Elcan Specter 1/4x. This turns the the Tilo device into a thermal imaging adapter.

    TILO stands for “Thermal Imaging Light Optic”.

    According to Oberland Arms, in Germany it is legal to purchase a Tilo as an individual component. To use it fully assembled as a night target device is only allowed for LEAF or authorities in Germany, or if you have a special BKA approval (from the German Federal Police). I presume this is extremely difficult to get as a civilian. This made the demonstration at EnforceTac a bit difficult, but I could use it hand-held.

    Below: Oberland Arms adapter to marry the Elcan 1/4x and the Tilo 3.

    It’s been really difficult to dig out any sort of information in English about this product, and the Andres Industries AG homepage has some potential to improve. It would have been nice to see some pictures of what kind of image quality to expect as well, and I managed to dig out some.

    You can find some examples here, it seems pretty advanced. 


    Description (auto translated):

    The new mounting adapter, which brings the two components together, comes from Oberland Arms and enables the TILO thermal imaging device to be attached to the Elcan Specter 1/4x, turning the Tilo observation device into a thermal imaging attachment.

    Andres Industries is pleased that Oberland Arms offers accessories for the TILO-3Z+ they’ll present in Nuremberg.  Although the TILO-3Z+ was developed as a thermal imaging spectacle and is also sold by Andres, it is very robust and has no problems with strong accelerations and vibrations. Even a fall on concrete is guaranteed to cope with it and has a few more scratches on the outside.

    The new TILO-3Z+, which corresponds to the military version in its performance, will be available to civilians after the IWA, It has an on-screen menu.

    There is a video describing the Tilo 3. They mention there is an English video, but I could not find it.

    TILO-3 Thermal Imaging Goggle and Head Lamp

    The world’s first thermal headlight. Illuminated in white, red and IR with up to 160 lumens. Brightness control, flashing function. The TILO-3 is folded down for use as a thermal goggle. Despite the small size (100g), the TILO-3 has an unsurpassed thermal resolution (under 40mK, 320 pixels).


    Below: From IWA. The solution seems to work on a Steyr AUG as well. Funnily enough I was not able to see this system on an Oberland Arms firearm. The camera is from FLIR.


    The Tilo 3Z will set you back (from) €2,999 which is about 3,700 USD. There is no mentioning in the price for the OA adapter or the Elcan.

    I tried the cameras out at EnforceTac and was given a short demonstration. I would for sure prefer the TILO-3Z+, which has a higher frequency. But if I had to pay for them, which is the reality I’m afraid, then the normal 3Z is more in range.

    Please note that there is no mentioning about availability for the USA.

    Eric B

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