New bipod accessories from B&T Industries USA

    B&T Industries, L.L.C have a bunch of new products. I’m sure there are a lot of Practical and Precision Rifle Shooters out there waiting to try these new inventions out.

    Everyone’s looking for the perfect bipod (or an excuse to buy some new cool stuff) and it seems some of these accessories are worth checking out, to see if they can give some advantage when you’re sending it. 


    BT63 – Nose Rail, pictured above. The rail is machined to Picatinny rail standards from 6061-T6 aluminum, then a Mil-Spec Type III Class 2 finish is added.

    BT63: Nose Rail

    The BT63 Nose Rail fulfills the desire to get bipods further forward and closer to the bore. Inspired to raise the bipod’s Apex, the “Nose Rail” is designed to be bedded into a channel in the stock with threaded holes for attaching a second rail or sling studs to the bottom of stock. The overall length is 7.0″ with a Picatinny rail section of 2.0″ and a center-to-center hole spacing of 3 & 3.75″. Available in black only.

    Weight: 2.624 ounces

    The price for the nose rail is $44.95.


    BT64 – Atlas Spiked Cleat Feet. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried the normal feet, but they are ultra-sharp and bite into anything that’s soft enough. Didn’t work too well on concrete for me, but these extra spikes might be up to it? Just beware, they are as sharp as they look onto your skin and will for sure damage the surface if you apply any pressure.

    BT64: Atlas Spiked Cleat Feet

    The BT64 Atlas Spiked Cleat Feet is our BT23 Atlas Cleat Feet with the addition of a stainless steel spike for an even more aggressive bite. They are easily easily installed to any V8, PSR or CAL model Atlas Bipod with the press of a stainless steel plunger. Sold as a pair. Available in black only.

    Weight: 1.82 ounces approximate

    The price for the BT64 is $74.95.

    I’m seeing some resemblance with the product from Tactical Supply.


    BT68 – CAL Base Spike:


    BT68: CAL Base Spike

    The BT68 CAL Base Spike is turned from Stainless Steel and has a 10/32 threaded stud that will allow it to be threaded into the front of the CAL base. This spike will give the user the ability to “hold” a position on a barricade or a windowsill or to be used as a less than lethal weapon. It is compatible with the Cant And Loc (CAL) series of Atlas Bipod only.

    The spike portion is 1.463″ long and weighs approximately 0.86 ounces.

    The spike is yours for $14.95. Looks pretty aggressive on the rifle, but I would be a little afraid that my barrel got it contact with the support unless you’re very careful when you “hammer” your rifle to the barricade. The barrel needs to get some air in-between the barricade.


    BT65 – CAL Atlas Bipod:

    They seem back-ordered at the moment, but normally available in three versions for $219.95 each.


    Here’s what the system might look on a rifle all together.

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