MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK – 5 Things To Help You Be A Better Shooter


    The last time I professionally celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day, my friends and I used a Super Soaker water cannon to “hyper-drink” Guinness by the pint. And even though that may have be 20+ years ago, I can’t in good conscience recommend such irresponsible activities to anyone outside of your worst enemies. However, I can recommend some gear that, with dedicated practice on your part, can help you to become a better shooter. Get lucky this weekend? Nope, you make your own luck my friend. Wait, that just sounds wrong.

    Traditional legend is focused on Saint Patrick being a man who drove the snakes (pagans) out of Ireland by spreading Christianity throughout the land. What the folklore doesn’t often reference, however, is that Saint Patrick would also roam through the towns in Ireland handing out rimfire ammo and targets to anyone interested in improving their 50 meter rifle skills. True story. His biggest controversy came in 445 AD when he recommended holographic optics over iron sights for new shooters – an intense philosophical debate that still lingers in some sections of the old country to this day.

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    Make your own luck – TFB Saint Patty’s Day Buying Guide


    Are you a Glock shooter with a limited ammo budget? Consider picking up a TacSol conversion kit for your  G17 or G22 to keep the same manual of arms while reducing your expenditures from centerfire to rimefire levels. The reduced recoil and threaded barrel for a sound suppressor will also help with your training regimen.

    Tactical Solutions TSG-22 Glock Conversion Kit


    The TSG-22 quickly and easily converts ANY generation (even gen 4!) of the Glock models 17/22 and 19/23 into an accurate .22LR pistol. Machined from a solid piece of heat treated 4140 steel, the TSG-22 maintains a similar weight and feel to your factory Glock allowing realistic shooting and training. A nitride surface treatment offers superb resistance to wear and surface friction.

    The TSG-22 fits snugly onto your Glock frame in just seconds. As with our other conversions, the savings on ammunition will make you glad you made the switch. 10rnd Magazine Included.

    Tired of blasting old cans and debris at the range? It’s time to break down and buy some actual targets to help with skill building. With the dueling trees from Action Target, you and your range buddies can go head to head while practicing speed, accuracy and reloads. The dueling tree is availabile in both rimfire and pistol caliber versions.



    With the PT Rimfire Dueling Tree and a .22 caliber everyone, even kids just learning to shoot, can have fun target shooting. The Rimfire Dueling Tree has the same features as the full size model—it’s just a bit smaller and very affordable. When a target is hit, the steel paddle swings to the opposite side, just like the original. Back and forth the paddles swing so there is no need to head downrange and set up or reset targets. This six-target dueling tree features a built-in gravity reset and is made of durable steel. It is the perfect tool for fun target shooting.


    Ready. Aim. Fire. Let the games begin. The PT Dueling Tree pits you against a buddy to find out who is the best shot. Each of you starts with three targets on your side. When a target is hit, it swings to the opposite side. Back and forth, the first one with all targets resting on his side loses–game over, man. Of course, you could use it for solo target practice too, but that’s not as much fun.

    This six-target dueling tree features a built-in gravity reset and splatter reducing design. It is made of highly durable AR500 Brinell armor steel that is strong enough to handle all standard rounds. Safety first, though. This stand is not made of hard steel and is vulnerable to damage from high power rifle rounds.

    Want to make the leap to better precision shooting? I’ve been told that ditching the factory ammo and rolling your own blends that are catered specifically to your host weapon is a great place to start. For beginning reloaders, an all-in-one kit like the T-Mag expert will put you on a path to 10X bliss. Someday I will make the leap to reloading – maybe in retirement when I can dedicate the time it takes to get it right.


    A truly complete selection of the best reloading tools in one package. For powder handling, no other kit combines both an elecronic digital scale and Lyman’s famous #55 Powder Measure. Also includes the efficient Universal Case Trimmer with 9 pilots. The kit come complete with all the accessories needed to add speed and versatility and it also includes Lyman’s 49th Edition Reloading Handbook.


    • T-Mag Press
    • #55 Powder Measure
    • Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale
    • Universal Trimmer with Expanded Pilot Multi-Pack
    • Case Lube Kit
    • 49th Edition Reloading Handbook
    • Deburring Tool
    • Powder Funnel
    • Primer Tray
    • Universal Priming Arm
    • Auto Primer Feed
    • Primer Catcher
    • Extra Decapping Pins
    • Quick Release Turret System
    • 7/8″X14 Adapter (mounts powder measure in press)


    If you are only use to milspec triggers, pulling on a Geissele is like having a moment of clarity – the realization that you’ve wasted years of your life trying to shoot a precision rifle with substandard gear. Take your skills to the next level with a Geissele SSA AR15 trigger, arguably the gold standard for production match triggers.

    Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16/308 AR SSA

    Two-Stage Trigger With Ultra-Fast Lock Time; Adjustable & Pre-Set Models

    Super Semi-Automatic (SSA) 2-stage combat trigger has a fixed 4½ lb. total pull weight, non-adjustable sear engagement, and additional safety features ideal for CQB and mid-range carbine work. A secondary “safety sear” captures the hammer if the primary sear accidentally releases due to hard impact, ensuring the rifle can fire only when the shooter actually pulls the trigger. Trigger pull is optimized for both deliberate, aimed fire and quick, “snap shooting.” The first stage builds gradually to 2½ lbs., with a 2 lb. second stage that breaks clean, so the shooter can stay on target throughout the pull. A lightweight hammer driven by a full-power hammer spring speeds locktime and delivers positive ignition of all ammo types. All contact surfaces are wire-EDM cut to exact dimensions for precise engagement free of play. Direct replacement for factory trigger; may be installed without removing the safety. Operation and parts layout is similar to the USGI M16 trigger for easy maintenance. All springs are captive to simplify field disassembly for cleaning. Hammer and trigger pins are a close slip-fit in nominal .154″ (small pin) mil-spec receiver holes to enable installation with basic tools.

    Confused at why a weaponlight/laser is going to help you be a better shooter? Stick with me here. While I can’t recommend 100% reliance on a laser for defensive situations, as a training aid, visual lasers can help tremendously with learning proper trigger control. Either while dry firing (safely) or while during live fire drills (also safely), watching the dot move on a target as you apply steady trigger pressure will quickly show you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. And because no defensive weapon is complete without some sort of illumination, the white light is just the proverbial icing on the cake.

    Besides, snakes hate both lights AND lasers – always better to double up.

    Surefire X400UH-A-RD Light/Laser

    Ideal Light and Laser Combo for Your Favorite Pistol

    The SureFire X400UH-A-RD Ultra-High Output White LED and Red Laser provides pistol owners with the opportunity to incorporate illumination and instant laser-targeting into their defensive system with the installation of a single unit onto their handgun’s Picatinny rail.

    The SureFire X400UH-A-RD Ultra-High Output White LED and Red Laser uses a bezel that interfaces with the company’s Masterfire Rapid Deploy Holster, locking the light into the holster for secure retention and also enabling users to holster nearly any pistol equipped with the light.


    • Total light output of 600 lumens
    • Uses two CR123A batteries for power
    • Total weight of 5.9 ounces
    • Measures 3.72 inches long
    • The SureFire X400UH-A-RD Ultra-High Output White LED and Red Laser uses ambidextrous operation and can be automatically activated in a holster draw through an interface switch in the holster body. The light is constructed from aluminum and features waterproof seals.



    So, are you feeling lucky? Or would you rather build some skills and techniques instead?

    Thanks for reading.


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