Handcrafted Precision Rifles from MPR

    MPR's Vanquish & Wraith (Medwell Precision Rifles)

    Medwell Precision Rifles (MPR) a British company, has used the IWA Outdoor Classic International Trade Fair in Nuremberg, Germany to introduce their two new high performance precision rifles, the Vanquish and Wraith.

    MPR boasts that the Vanquish and Wraith rifles are handcrafted with bespoke finishes, made to order and to the buyers specifications. The rifles are built around the Mayfair M98 Mauser action and have detachable magazines. The rifle will be available in a variety of calibres including: 243, 6.5 Creedmore, .308, 7mm Rem Mag and 300-Win Mag.

    The Vanquish (MPR)

    The Vanquish, which sports a British Racing Green finish with tan leather on the cheek and recoil pads, is being marketed as a hunting or competition rifle with an M-Lok forend and a MPR chassis. The shorter Wraith uses the same chassis and a shorter M-Lock forend and is suppressor ready with an emphasis on more practical applications.

    MPR released this statement about their new rifles:

    The rifles both use the renowned Mayfair M98 action which is the worlds only hot drop hammer forged Mauser action. Each one takes a great many hours to complete and are hand produced individually by our skilled master craftsmen.

    Ian Medwell, Managing Director of MPR adds, “These rifles are the first of their kind to incorporate aerospace engineering precision, blended with the time old skills of traditional English gun making and finishing. Each of the rifles are individually custom made to order.”

    He goes on to say “The specially commissioned Mayfair Mauser action, with detachable magazine, had enabled us to take the Mauser action back to its origins: that of a practical precision rifle”

    The Wraith (MPR)

    MPR’s website has a ‘Making of’ section that shows some of the process of making the rifles. Positioning themselves as the Rolls Royce of precision rifle makers, blending traditional English gunmaking with modern manufacturing process, MPR even go so far as to make the two rounds used proof the gun into a set of cuff links which are presented with your rifle.

    You can find out more about MPR’s rifles over on their website, which has a great deal of detail on the options available, sadly no prices are available.

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