Smith & Wesson Raises $34K for the Pioneer Valley USO in Wild Game Dinner

    Pioneer Valley USO

    Every year Smith & Wesson hosts a very unique fundraising event that has a two-fold purpose. For one, it helps bring awareness to big game hunting, and more importantly, bringing your harvest to the dinner table in delicious ways. When people go hunting, there are a lot more things you can do than just grind your entire game into beef jerky, and they prove that with the annual Smith & Wesson Game Dinner. Secondly, this Game Dinner raises funding for the Pioneer Valley USO in a BIG way. This year over $34,000 was raised for the Pioneer Valley USO which is tremendous!

    David Mendoza, the Pioneer Valley USO Board President, jubilantly had these remarks to make in regards to the annual Smith & Wesson Game Dinner:

    It is truly an honor for the Pioneer Valley USO to benefit from the annual Smith & Wesson Game Dinner. This event is a wonderful opportunity for us to raise awareness of our presence in the Pioneer Valley. We could not provide the needed level of support to our military men and women and their families in Western Massachusetts without this type of generosity.

    What the annual Smith & Wesson Game Dinner offers is delectable wild game from pheasant, elk, bear, boar, moose and venison which is all prepared by volunteers from a local culinary school. All of the wild game prepared and ate at this event is donated from these great organizations:

    • Smith & Wesson
    • Foggy Mountain Guide Service
    • Linx Wildlife Management
    • Many Other Smaller, but Wonderful Organizations

    The dinner had nearly 500 attendees making it remarkable the event was able to raise over $34,000 for the Pioneer Valley USO’s future efforts within the community. Many of the ways in which Pioneer Valley USO contributes to the community at large is through social, recreational, educational and entertainment programs and services for military personnel and their families.

    Mark Smith, President of Smith & Wesson’s Manufacturing Services Division, had this to say as well:

    We want to thank the dedicated volunteers and generous contributors who make this event a success each year.  Whether in the form of donations or volunteering time, our community comes together to lend support for this event and the Pioneer Valley USO, which offers critical aid to American service personnel and their families.

    A tip of the hat to Smith & Wesson and everyone involved in the annual Smith & Wesson Game Dinner. A phenomenal way to give back to the community, our vets, their families and put on display the talents of aspiring culinary students with wild game.

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