Thanks to All Our Readers, from Nathaniel F [Announcement]

    The Stoner 86 is a very cool machine gun.

    As the late, great Hognose would say – Bottom Line Up Front: Yours truly has secured a position working at the Institute of Military Technology in Florida. I will be starting the position later this month and have been in the meantime getting ready for a move across four states (almost 1,000 miles – 1,500 km for non-USians) to my new home on the East Coast. My new job will bring me to one of the largest collections of firearms in the US, and I’ll be working in the same building with one of the biggest names in firearms – Knight’s Armament Company.

    I’ve been working full time for The Firearm Blog since November of 2014 – that’s over three years writing almost exclusively for the biggest gun publication on the ‘net. In that time, I’ve seen our audience grow, the establishment – and runaway success – of TFBTV, changes in the writer’s lineup, and the departing of Phil White and Steve Johnson from our editorial staff (and if either of you are reading this, we still miss you guys!). It has been truly a great experience to write for TFB, made all the better by the opportunity to engage with one of the best online readerships I know of. For me, this marks the end of one era, and the beginning of another.

    However, although you’ll see less of me here on TFB, I’ll still have a presence on the blog. Part of the reason to write this is that it acts as a conflict of interest disclosure statement for you guys. My relationship with the Institute and Knight’s Armament Company means that moving forward you won’t see any reviews or similar material written by me about KAC products or similar products from competing vendors. As long as I’m employed by IMT, I will be unable to publish objective evaluations of those products. Likewise, there will be some things I will be doing through IMT that I won’t be able to talk about because they are covered under non-disclosure agreement on the Knight’s side.

    I don’t think TFB will miss my daily output much, to be honest. I’m leaving my share of those duties in the most capable of hands – those of our current writing staff. We’ve got an excellent team on board; I think this past SHOT Show proves that beyond a doubt. Between the talents of Pete, Miles, Hrachya, Nick, Rachel, Erik, Matt, Rusty, Adam, Ray, Emmanuel, Richard, and the rest of the writers I didn’t mention, there’s no question that TFB will continue to be the best source for quality firearms news, even as I take a back seat.

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]