New B&T SQD Suppressor

    B&T AG out of Switzerland released a new suppressor at Enforce Tac and IWA 2018 in Germany.

    The new SQD will be a very interesting option if you have a firearm with a tri-lug at the end of your barrel.

    The ever-growing EnforceTac is a two day exhibition in Germany, on the same location as IWA. B&T had a fairly large stand and I was lucky to get a full demo by the owner before the crowd arrived.



    The SQD TRI-LUG SUPPRESSOR for 9 mm, which fits any SMG or Police Carbine with a Tri-Lug mount (for instance as can be found on a few B&T APC9s, GHM9s, HK MP5s and similar firearms).

    Below: example of tri-lug barrel on author’s B&T APC9 SBR, with a 5,5″ barrel. Note the back-up sights which are hidden inside the Picatinny when not in use.

    Below you can see the function of the new QD attachment.

    Due to its new attachment system, it can be  connected or disconnected with one hand only in a matter of seconds. I have the current version for my APC9 Carbine, and I’m very curious to get a glimse and hands-on experience to the new attachment.

    The current one is not bad, but can be improved and the pictures look very promising. Once you go “quick attach” it’s hard to go back.

    From the B&T Press Release – SQD TRI-LUG SUPPRESSOR

    In its constant process to improve its products, B&T has come up with the fasted Tri-Lug attachment for suppressors ever, which – as an additional benefi t – is one hand operated.

    The new SQD suppressor therefore will fit all 9 mm guns with a Tri-Lug connector, which is one of the most common attachments for these types of suppressors worldwide.

    The suppressor mounts onto the barrel of the submachine gun by just pushing it over the barrel and then rotade it a few degrees. The SQD mount will automaticaly lock the suppressor in place.

    The suppressor will be secure until the operator wishes to remove it by simply pressing the tab and lifting the suppressor from the barrel.

    The suppressor provides excellent reduction by using both subsonic and normal velocity ammunition with a minimum shift in impact.

    Haenel and B&T are working together. Here’s the B&T part of the Haenel stand at IWA with an overview of some of their products.


    Another B&T offering. The Sniper Rifle Suppressor for the G29 in .338 Lapua Magnum.

    There’s no price mentioned, but B&T are typically not found in the lower price range and the SQD doesn’t look like an exception. Please note that the availability on B&T products may differ between Europe and USA.

    Eric B

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