Pioneer Arms Corp Getting into the AR-15 Game

    PAC AR-15

    Test firing Pioneer Arms Corps' new 5.56 AR-15 (Milmag)

    It has been reported that Pioneer Arms Corp are working on an AR-15. The Polish defence publication, Milmag, recently reported that Poland’s Pioneer Arms Corp have unveiled prototypes of what will be their next product line.

    First established back in 2003, Pioneer Arms Corp currently offer 7.62x39mm AK rifles and pistols, a hammer fired double barrel coach guns, and replicas of the PM63 and PPS43 submachine guns. Pioneer Arms Corp are based in Radom, a traditional centre of firearms manufacture in Poland, and also the home of Fabryka Broni Radom. The company has exported into the US for a number of years and it is possible that their new AR-15s will be marketed both in Europe and the US.

    PAC AR-15 side view

    Left side view of the Pioneer Arms Corps AR-15 in an M16A4 configuration with carrying handle attached (Milmag)

    The rifle tested by Milmag was configured as an M16A4 with a full length fixed stock, 20 inch barrel and a railed upper receiver with detachable carrying handle/rear sight. The prototype rifle was not ambidextrous with a left side selector only. Pioneer are reportedly looking at selling the rifle in a number of configurations with 20, 16 and 14.5 inch barrel configurations available. Adjustable stocks, polymer or aluminium handguards will also be options.

    Disassembled PAC AR-15

    Pioneer Arms Corps new AR-15 broken down with its bolt disassembled (Milmag)

    Pioneer Arms Corp suggested that the retail price for the base version of the AR-15 will be in the region of 4,000 PLN or $1,200. Pricey if Pioneer are looking to import into the US, as they have with their AK rifles and pistols. It is more likely, however, that Pioneer are focused on the Polish and European markets with their latest offering.We contacted Pioneer to ask about the new rifle and the likelihood of import into the US but have not had a reply at time of publication.

    Source ‘AR From Radom’, Milmag, retrieved 25/02/18, (source)

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