Heckler & Koch USA Begin MR762A1 Production in Georgia

    Georgia-made MR762A1 (HK)

    Heckler & Koch USA have been teasing the start of MR762A1 production at their Columbus, Georgia plant.

    Heckler & Koch USA opened their new 50,000 square foot factory early last year with the company investing nearly $30 million into a plan to expand within the US market. When the new plant was announced HK USA said they aimed to create as many as 84 new jobs over the next couple of years. With both German and American engineers and technicians working in Columbus. Previously key MR762A1 parts were imported from Germany, it may now be that these are being manufactured in Columbus.

    On 24th February, HK USA posted an update on twitter announcing “If you didn’t know, we have some MR762a1 rifles queued up for production in Georgia”, the post, however, featured a photo taken by Down Range Photograph. Interestingly, the photo actually appears to be of an MR556 rather than an MR762A1

    Here’s the post from Instagram:

    Later that week HK USA followed this up with another social media post, showing a rack of completed rifles. Saying that “Racks of Columbus Georgia made MR762A1 rifles getting ready to find new homes.” the photo, embedded below, shows the rifles fitted with HK Modular Rail System (MRS) aka HKey forends rather than the earlier quadrails. Interestingly, it seems HK are mounting their HKey rails in the opposite direction other KeyMod rails are usually installed.

    Photo of completed Georgia-made HK MR762A1s waiting on a transport rack at HK USA’s factory in Columbus, Georgia (HK USA)

    HK first introduced the MR762A1 back in January 2012, as a civilian counterpart to the HK417, the rifle is chambered in 7.62×51 and uses a short-stroke gas piston system. It has a 16.5-inch barrel and weighs 9.84 lb. MSRP on the MR762A1 is currently $3,995.

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