Interesting Tikka T3 upgrades from Sterk Shooting

    Sterk Shooting from Australia is introducing a Generation 2 of their Titanium Bolt Shroud for the Tikka T3 and T3x.

    Sterk offer various upgrades for the Tikka T3, as you can see below, but the new bolt shrouds really caught my attention as they look like a work of art.

    In fact, as I ordered some of Sterk’s products I got in contact with the owner. As there is not a lot of information about Sterk online (until now) you can find more at the bottom of this page.

    The handles and shrouds fit both T3 and T3x.

    As announced on Sterk Shooting‘s Facebook page:

    Introducing the GEN2 Titanium Bolt Shroud, nicknamed ‘Wasp’.

    Will be available in the next batch of parts being produced end of March 2018.


    I have ordered a Titanium shroud and a Swept Ball Handle for my slowly developing Tikka T3x TAC A1 project. (6,5 Creedmoor).

    Below: Photo of the Sterk Gen 2 shroud by Frank at Sniper’s Hide, LLC. The color here is Sniper grey.

    Below: Here’s what the original shroud looks like. I don’t have it in front of me to check, but it looks like some kind of plastic. The Sterk bolt shroud looks so much better. (Picture by author, Tikka T3x)

    Below: Note the left-hand charging handle, in case you have a need for that you know it exists and fits. The finish on these products looks really nice and OEM-like.

    You don’t have to worry about the weight, it only weighs 22 grams which is 4.5 grams lighter than the Generation 1. The way the design reflects the light is really amazing.

    The price for the TITANIUM shroud is 105 AU, which is about 85 USD.

    It seems you can buy both direct (see Facebook page and post for contact information) or via Tactical Works here. (online store, which seems to be in the USA).

    While browsing for shrouds, I found quite a few shameless copies of the Sterk products, so beware if you want to buy the original.

    Below, examples of swept handles, Titanium shrouds, Titanium Bolt Handles in Grooved or Pineapple style.

    Presenting Batch #5 of Tikka T3 parts. It’s been 12 long days of finishing processes (Bend, Polish, Blast, Cerakote, Bake).

    Let me know if you wanted any special cerakote colours apart from black – I’ve done FDE, OD Green, Sniper grey (that’s what Frank/Snipershide has on his TAC A1), Patriot Brown. Open to new colours.


    About Sterk Shooting Australia.

    I’m an industrial designer in Australia. I do the design, research, bending, polishing, Cerakote, customer service/emails/packing/posting. Everything apart from the actual machining (the CNC operators do that). I do manual work on the lathe or mill when required (such as threading the CZ handles). Each swept handle takes 15 minutes of CNC machining, it’s bent in a jig with a blowtorch to get it red-hot, I polish each handle by hand which takes 10 minutes each (even the handles that get Cerakoted black – all to remove machine marks etc). The Titanium bolt shrouds take 20 minutes to CNC machine and ever handle and shroud are tested on 2 Tikka bolts as they leave the CNC to track tolerances and any tool wear.

    It all started in 2012 when I began making Tikka bolt handles and shrouds (also recoil lugs but stopped making them after the T3x now comes with a better lug). I’ve run batches of CZ rimfire trigger guards, the Tikka shroud tools, and some BIS500 Steel Targets. I used to use rimfire bolt handles from CZ which I would machine and fit new ‘tactical’/larger knobs to, but new European laws has put an end to the supply of handles I was getting sent over to Australia.

    I was just 22 years old when I got into Sterk shooting parts & accessories – I’m now 28.

    Snipershide used my handle and shroud on their Tikka build which boosted business, and got me more well-known and recognized. Frank from Snipershide has since bought an additional handle and shroud for another Tikka he got (the TAC A1 in the photos).

    I’m also 3D Metal Printing the ‘Boxy’ shrouds which are in response to people wanting an AI style bolt shroud – it cannot be CNC machined due to the fact it is a square shape that needs to fit a round hole (that’s on an angle too). I haven’t released any pricing or availability on the boxy shrouds, but have a list of interested people that is growing. I am not happy with how rough 3d printing is, as it’s limited by the metal granules (usually 0.2mm round) or by the laser that sinters the particles together – it has to be big enough to have enough energy to melt the powdered metal, but fine enough to give smooth detail.

    I’m keen to get my hands on the Tikka rimfire when it hits stores and will see what is possible with it. While it shares the same footprint/bedding, the handle/shroud are different, and it might need a magazine adapter or something to suit different bottom metal setups.

    I love small upgrade projects like this, and I’m really looking forward to the delivery of the shroud and the Swept Ball handle. To be continued.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.