World Record-Holding Barrel Manufacturer Throws Their Hat into the Glock Arena

    FJ Feddersen has been in the barrel manufacturing business for almost 40 years. Located in East Tennessee since 2000, the manufacturing facility features top-of-the-line machinery. Mills, lathes, CNC machines, heat-treating ovens, and more fill the 17,500 square foot shop floor.

    Due to Fred Feddersen’s single-edge polygonal rifling (SEPR), Dale Arenson was responsible for the new Light Gun World Record. To win the record, Arenson used a 50 caliber BMG rifle barrel with an almost perfect score (298/300). Feddersen actually owns dual-patents on the SEPR design.

    In addition to barrel blanks in 6.5 Creedmoor and 5.56, the company also manufacturers 10/22 button rifled barrels and match-grade 10/22 complete rifles.

    Size Matters?

    The Tennessee-based barrel manufacturer expanded their manufacturing line in late 2017, offering 1911 barrels in 9mm/10mm/45ACP, but are not available on their website as of yet.

    FJ Feddersen 1911 barrels, available in 9mm/10mm/45ACP.

    FJ Feddersen 1911 barrels, available in 9mm/10mm/45ACP.

    As a result of their 1911 barrel success, FJ Feddersen will soon launch a line of Glock barrels. These barrels are already expected to outperform standard Glock barrels (as tested/reviewed by Major Pandemic) by as much as a 48% group improvement.

    Release dates are not available for the Glock barrels yet. Feddersen’s new barrels are expected to be made specifically for the G17 and G19. Threaded and non-threaded options are being considered for the launch.

    All Federssen barrels are made from heat-treated Chrome Moly steel. The bentz chambering and uniform bore design ensure match-grade quality at an affordable price point.

    More 10/22 Goodness

    Recently, Feddersen expanded their line of CNC capabilities. The manufacturer now offers 10/22 alloy receivers as well. These receivers were designed to fit all Ruger standard parts, barrels and BX-triggers assemblies. Available in a bronze alloy, nickel alloy, and aluminum, these receivers are available on their website for between $275 – $375.

    All serialized parts must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), pending the passing of a successful background check.

    FJ Feddersen 10/22 receivers in a bronze alloy, nickel alloy, and aluminum.

    Rachel Y

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