POTD: Latvia National Guard Student Battalion with HK G36s

    The Heckler & Koch G36s for the Latvian NationalĀ Guard is appearing.

    As recently as January, the Latvian National Armed Forces (NAF) signed and announced a framework agreement with a purchase contract with Heckler & Koch for G36s rifles.

    Below: Looks like their camouflage is pretty effective in this type of surroundings.

    Latvia was given Ak4 rifles (Heckler & Koch G3s) by Sweden, but these will be phased out in favor of the HK G36. The G36 will be used both by the regular forces as well as the National Guard.


    One of the goals is to modernize the armed forces and have them use the same firearms.

    Considering all the debate about the G36, it’s a bald move to go for the HK G36 but Latvia is not alone. As TFB has reported there are many Police Forces using it, and still buying it new, and the German Armed Forces are in fact still using it.

    All photos by the Latvian National Armed Forces.