Achieve Aesthetic Overmatch with Black Wood USA’s Wooden AR-15 Furniture

    Black Wood USA's Walnut AR-15 Furniture Kit

    If you’re looking for something to give your AR a more traditional, classic look then Black Wood USA might have you covered. The Washington-based company offer premium wooden furniture for the AR-15. The veteran owned and operated custom parts maker offers a range of solid wood grips, rail panels and butt pieces.

    On Black Wood’s site the company’s co-founder & CEO, Will Mengon, explains the drive behind the company: “I fell in love early on with the classic look and feel of wood on a rifle. Whether it’s my CMP M1 Garand, Anschutz smallbore rifle, or my old Remington 870, there is just something about wood that plastic can’t replicate” he continued “there is no reason modern day rifles can’t utilize the same functional and beautiful wood accessories.”

    Black Wood’s latest offering is a furniture kit made from hand finished and sealed solid English Walnut. the kit includes a pistol grip, 3 rail panels, trigger guard and a butt stock based on the Strike Industries Viper PDW Stock. The rail panels are available for both M-LOK and Keymod forends. The kit retails for $230.00 and is featured on the build below:

    Black Wood USA’s Walnut AR-15 Furniture Kit (Black Wood USA)

    In case you were wondering here’s the full build list for the rifle featured above:

    Black Wood: English Walnut furniture kit
    Muzzle Device: B.E. Meyers
    Barrel (Gas Block, Tube and Barrel Nut): LaRue Stealth
    Rail: Fortis Rev II 14”
    Rail Panels: Black Wood USA
    Lower Receiver: Aero Precision
    Upper Receiver: VLTOR MUR
    Stock: Strike + Black Wood USA Wood PDW
    Grip: Black Wood USA 1911-Style
    Optic: Trijicon MRO
    Optic Mount: Scalarworks Low Drag Mount
    Back Up Sights: Troy Industries Folding
    Trigger: Geissele SSA-E
    Bolt Carrier Group: FailZero Semi-Auto BCG
    Charging Handle: AXTS Raptor

    nglish Walnut AR-15 Furniture Set

    Black Wood’s English Walnut AR-15 Furniture Set (Black Wood USA)

    Black Wood explain that they “wanted to retain all the functionality and flexibility of modern PDW AR’s with classic wood details. All wood components are machined from solid lumber, no veneers, paints or stabilization.”

    Black Wood source all of their wood from the US, each piece is CNC cut before being hand fit and finished and sealed by hand. Their website features a build gallery, one of the cooler builds, a 9x19mm AR pistol calibre carbine, uses the company’s rosewood grip and panels. Check that out below, and you can find our more about Black Wood’s furniture on their site here.

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