POTD: Deadpool Desert Eagle

    Ian of Whiskey Tango Firearms shared these photos of their Deadpool Desert Eagle. It is a movie-themed .50AE Desert Eagle. If you recall, Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool used Desert Eagles in the movie.


    Here is what they posted on their Facebook page:

    Finally! In answer to all the comments… here’s your movie .50AE Deagle!

    Custom FAT 50 ammo can and full HBC-CONCEALMENT kydex holster and 2 mag carriers.

    I like the small details like the unicorn and the ammo can. I am not sure whose face is painted on the side of the holster. “Let’s count ’em down” is a quote right before he gets into a shootout on the bridge scene.

    They had the muzzle engraved “SMILE Wait 4 Flash”. Wasn’t this in the movie? I can’t seem to find or recall the scene where the muzzle was shown and you could read the engraving.


    While the Whisky Tango Deadpool Desert Eagle is not exactly screen accurate, it is in the spirit of what Deadpool would have done to his guns. If you are interested in getting some custom cerakoting for your guns check out Whiskey Tango Firearms.