Kalashnikov merchandise shop in Patriot Park

    In only a few year’s time Kalashnikov suppose that civil goods are supposed to provide about 50% of the group’s total earnings.

    To achieve this they are making new product categories accessible for the mass-market, such as clothes, souvenir products, weapon prototypes (fake guns) and various associated goods for sports & leisure.

    This business line is expected to bring in up to 5% of the total sales volume.You can find a few examples in previous TFB articles here and here, where they launched Gun Care Chemicals and Lubricants.

    Apart from an online shop, there is also a real shop in Patriot Park, outside Moscow where these pictures were taken.

    This AK is impossible to distinguish from a real one. Kalashnikov describes it as:

    The full-scale mock-up provides guidance on the assault rifle size, weight, design and usability. The assault rifle design is completely excluded the possibility of its modification to fire live rounds. The sample is on the open market and doesn’t require any licences and permits.

    Springs etc. are working. Here’s the AK-105.

    PINS, Patches, Key rings, mobile phone covers.

    Whatever your needs might be, Kalashnikov got you covered.

    This Kalashnikov looks extremely realistic. There are also 3D puzzles if you prefer something less realistic.

    Kalashnikov, Baikal, Zala Aero & Izhmazh.

    Here’s another favorite: Cosy cloth blanket with Kalashnikov assault rifle brand emblem and logo, grey

    Kid’s sizes

    This T-Shirt is a great gift to your kids.

    All photos taken by the author.

    Eric B

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