Federal Premium’s 3rd Degree Turkey Loads Upgraded with a FliteControl Flex Wad & Heavyweight TSS Shot

    3rd Degree

    When Federal Premium announced their 3rd Degree turkey loads it put much of the ammunition industry on alert. The idea of putting 3 different shot sizes into one shell sounded like a garbage idea, literally.

    If you manage and space those load types appropriately though, you get something pretty special. The ability to roll long beards from point blank range out to potentially 60 yards is pretty appealing, and that is what Federal Premium‘s 3rd Degree can accomplish.

    3rd Degree

    [Photo Courtesy of Vista Outdoor] Federal Premium’s 3rd Degree Turkey Load

    Federal Premium went back to the drawing board (not that they needed to) and improved the 3rd Degree Turkey load even more. Now it employs an improved wad and even better shot payloads.

    • FLITECONTROL FLEX Wad works in all Standard & Ported Turkey Chokes maximizing the Flight Characteristics of All 3 Shot types
    • 3-Stage Payload creates Optimal Patterns for the Entire Range Spectrum
    • 20% FLITESTOPPER #6 Pellets — for Forgiving Close-Range Patterns
    • 40% Copper-Plated #5 Lead — for Lethal Performance at Mid-Range
    • 40% HEAVYWEIGHT TSS #7 — for Extra-Dense, High-Energy Patterns at 40+ Yards

    All of the 3rd Degree Turkey loads come in packages of 5 rounds per box. Also, every sale that is made gives back a portion of that money to the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) which has a mantra of “Save The Habitat, Save The Hunt.”

    Currently, Federal Premium is shipping these to dealers at the time of this writing. So anybody who would like to give these a “shot” this spring should have ample time to pattern them with their shotgun and be prepared for the hunt.

    The 3 different offerings available to consumers in 12 Gauge or 20 Gauge along with their associated MSRPs can be read below.

    • 3rd Degree 12 GA 3 1/2″ | 2 Ounce, 5-6-7 Shot | 1,250 FPS | PTDX139 567 | MSRP $25.95
    • 3rd Degree 12 GA 3″ | 1 3/4 Ounce, 5-6-7 Shot | 1,250 FPS | PTDX157 567 | MSRP $22.95
    • 3rd Degree 20 GA 3″ | 1 1/2 Ounce, 5-6-7 Shot | 1,100 FPS | PTDX258 567 | MSRP $21.95

    For those who have already shot this flavor of Federal Premium, let us know what you think in the comments below!

    3rd Degree

    [Photo Courtesy of Vista Outdoor] Federal Premium 3rd Degree

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