Archive: March, 2018

SILENCER SATURDAY #13: Suppressed Pocket Pistols Tromix Protoype Saiga-410 Converted to a Rifle Chambered in .444 Marlin (1) Lightweight Remington 700 Chassis by Sureshot Armament Group (1) ABP M-01 Experimental Soviet Caseless Rifle (5) TACCOM Extended Charging Handle and Magazine Well for RUGER PC Carbine (2) Norwegian Freyr & Devik Suppressors (1) Rex Silentium Gen2 Suppressors (Honoris, Viribus and Fidelis) (1)

Ultimax Unveiled: The Singaporean Chartered Industries Mark II

The Charted Industries of Singapore Ultimax is one of the most renowned light machine guns in the world, yet has never really been adopted to the full extent of what it was capable of. The only real military it served was the Singaporean Armed Forces. It was used by multiple other countries and [Read More…]

Tula Civilian VSS Vintorez (1) A custom rifle configured for 2 and 3 gun competition by KE Arms.

The Rise of 2 Gun

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot the Desert Brutality match outside Phoenix, AZ. Organized by Ian and Karl from InRangeTV, Desert Brutality was a two-day match that amplified the physicality of a normal 2 Gun match. It was a fantastically fun match and the [Read More…]

New CZ 527 Varmint Match Target Rifle (MTR) (3) Brownells 450 Bushmaster AR-15 Barrels (4)