Henry Fetches $50,000+ for their One-Millionth H001 Classic Lever-Action at Auction


    At SHOT Show 2018, Henry Repeating Arms put on auction their One-Millionth H001 Lever-Action ever produced as part of a much larger charity effort. At whatever price the gavel would eventually fall on, all of the proceeds would go to the Hunting Heritage Trust. The annual event of the SHOT Show Auction has drawn some very large bids before, but Henry was about to set a tremendous record this year.

    Their One-Millionth H001 Lever-Action rifle finally sold for $55,025!!!

    This rifle is not only iconic because it is the One-Millionth H001 produced by Henry, but it is also gorgeous with the Exhibition Grade Walnut Stock and Highly-Detailed Hand-Engraving completed by Baron Technologies.


    [Photo Courtesy of Henry Repeating Arms] The One-Millionth H001 Lever-Action ever produced

    The impressive final bid of $55,025 is officially the largest amount ever achieved at the SHOT Show Auction for a rimfire firearm. The previous highest-bid on a rimfire firearm was a rifle from 1985 at the first-ever SHOT Show Auction. That particular firearm was also a lever-action .22 that sold for $21,250 which is equally impressive when you account for the value of $20K back then.

    The $55,025 bid also edges out Henry‘s last entry into the SHOT Show Auction back in 2014. At that time, serial #1 of the New Original Henry rifle was auctioned off. That firearm was a reproduction of the 1st Lever-Action rifle patented by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860.

    This moment in time left many workers at Henry Repeating Arms supremely proud. Anthony Imperato, President and Owner of Henry Repeating Arms, had these words to say:

    We’re thrilled with the outcome of the auction. The fact that a .22 raised over $50,000 is incredible and we thank our friends at Hunting Heritage Trust for assisting with the auction listing, Gunbroker.com for hosting the auction, and Baron Technologies for the fantastic job they did with the engraving. We’ve now sold over one million H001 rifles which means we must be doing something right.


    [Photo Courtesy of Henry Repeating Arms] The highest bidder of the One-Millionth H001 Lever-Action with his milestone rifle.

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