Russian FSB Alpha Group A in action. With some unexpected firearms

    The closest I ever got to the Russian Alpha Team was my coffee mug which I bought on location in Russia. We see each other quite often! I chose the silver logotype, not the golden, and the coffee tastes excellent every time!

    Below: Russian Alpha Team coffee mug with TFB patch and Benchmade 2017 Limited Edition Forum knife, 1 on 200 made.

    It’s easy to sit by your keyboard, zipping coffee, compared to abseiling a building, blowing up windows and shooting stuff. But at least we can enjoy and analyze these nice pictures in comfort.

    The shields might be Fort Tekhnologiya ballistic kit.

    Looks like the Russians have Magpul’ed all of their buttstocks. Not sure which red dot they are running, the diameter looks really small.

    Close-up of above picture. Note the safety, which is off.

    Pictures via / Sputnik.


    TsSN Gruppa “A” exercise in Yevpatoria, Note 4 guys parasailing down in older gen. Fort Tekhnologiya ballistic kit.

    Still, pictures can be nice, but you can see some serious action from the Alpha Team in this video below:

    This video dragged me further, and I discovered something odd in this video.

    Large-Scale Russian FSB Spetsnaz Drills In Crimea

    I’m just curious how they got hold of what appears to be B&T MP9s or Steyr TMPs? With Aimpoint Micros. I guess embargos don’t always work, or just one way.

    Check 0:38 into the video.

    The only firearm I can see resemble this in the “official” list is the AEK-919K “Kashtan” and it’s not really close.

    Check here for an official list of firearms used by Russia:


    That carabiner looks great within the trigger guard. Seriously?

    As you may know, this trigger has a Glock style design, but still, there is a possibility enough for a loaded firearm to go PEW PEW PEW with this solution.

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