POTD: Elsa’s AR-15

    There are some pretty humorous AR-15 lowers. Spike’s Snowflake lower and Aero Precision’s Ghost lower are some that come to mind. EDC Tactical makes themed AR-15 lowers. They have the stereotypical pro-gun lowers but they do entertain custom engravings. The Frozen Lower is such a lower.

    This lower is rather clever. If you are not familiar with Disney’s Frozen, go watch it. It is about letting go of your fears and female empowerment. If you have a daughter then I’m sure you have already watched it many times.

    I called EDC Tactical and they confirmed that the Frozen Lower was a customer request. Right now they are offering custom engraved lowers for $105. Click here to check it out.


    I like themed lowers. Yes, firearms are potentially dangerous objects and require responsibility to use them safely. But a little personalization is not a bad thing. We all like different things and if this brings a smile to the owner’s face then all the better.