Cry Havoc Tactical and the new Quick Release Barrel (QRB) Kit

    The industry is packed with new personal defense weapons (PDW’s) in all shapes, calibers, and sizes with the intent of providing a small but controllable package that can be easily deployed and give a large force multiplier in a small package. While many give up a large amount of velocity and ballistic capability by shortening barrels, Cry Havoc has gone an entirely different direction. While giving up a short 2-3 seconds to assemble the rifle, the Quick Release Barrel (QRB) Kit allows for a full-length rifle to be concealed on or off the body but quickly attached on demand with no permanent aftermarket modifications to the firearm and is compatible with a large assortment of Free Float Hand Guards.

    On average, even the shortest SBR’s range 23-26″ in length despite cutting down to a 7.5″ barrel, installing an expensive PDW stock that can be very particular about ammunition types, and if running a stock also requiring the headache of an NFA registered with added difficulty for acquisition and interstate travel. The rifle can be assembled and deployed even in low light conditions with gross motor movements. With the QRB kit, a standard AR Carbine normally measuring 33.5″ can now be stowed in most backpacks, briefcases, or laptop cases with the longest piece measuring 17.5″ long. An SBR with an 11.5″ barrel has an approximate overall length (OAL) of 28.5″ with a 21″ OAL of the upper.

    Carbine with 16″ Barrel with QRB has an OAL 33.5″. Source:

    OAL of the longest part with QRB kit is 17.5″ long.

    Assembled an 11.5″ AR has an OAL of 28.5″. Source:

    The longest part of an 11.5″ SBR disassembled has a 21″ OAL. Source:

    To assemble the rifle simply lock the bolt to the rear, properly align the pin above the gas tube with the port on the upper, latch the barrel to the upper, insert magazine, and hit the bolt release.

    Lock bolt back and align the pin above the gas tube with the port on the upper.

    The QRB Kit includes the main body made of Hard Anodized Aluminum and the Stainless Steel hooks, levers, star nut, and gas extension comprised of finished Black Nitride Stainless Steel for maximum durability.

    This is what all is included with the QRB Kit.

    Unlike other systems the gas tube is also protected by a metal extrusion, preventing accidental damage if dropped or hastily installed. When assembling the metal extrusion fits into a metal trench that can be turned in either direction in order to properly fit the gas tube into the port.

    The protective steel tit can seen above the gas tube and is used to prevent damage to the gas tube during assembly or if dropped.

    The circular trench can be seen here that assists in guiding the gas tube to the gas port.

    While most cases will probably involve the QRB being stowed in a bag, the kit also allows for covert on body carry.

    Richard L.

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