TROMIX Big Bore “Linear Compensator” Muzzle Brake

    Big Bore Linear Compensator by TROMIX Lead Delivery Systems (3)

    Tromix Lead Delivery Systems, one of the pioneers of big bore AR-15 rifles and ammunition, has introduced a new linear muzzle brake for large caliber AR-15 rifles such as those chambered in .458 SOCOM, .450 Bushmaster and .375 SOCOM. This muzzle brake is a two-piece design. Its base part is the outer tube which attaches to the muzzle and the internal part is screwed into the tube. Such layout makes it easier to clean this muzzle device.

    Big Bore Linear Compensator by TROMIX Lead Delivery Systems (1)

    The design lacking outside ports and the diameter of 1.2″ allow to fit and safely install this linear muzzle brake inside of most AR-15 free floated handguards

    The internal part of this muzzle brake has a spiral design. There are also holes in its front portion to vent out the gasses from. The rear portion of the outer tube has a hex nut shape to allow mounting and uninstalling it using a 1″ wrench. The inner part also has a knurled surface at the front end to make the screwing and unscrewing it easier.

    The Tromix Linear Compensator is machined from a solid bar of 303 Stainless steel. It is available for .458 or .375 calibers. The overall length of this muzzle device is 3.3″ and the outside diameter is 1.2″. It weighs 8 oz.

    Big Bore Linear Compensator by TROMIX Lead Delivery Systems (2)

    Three color options of the Tromix Linear Compensator

    Tromix Linear Compensator is available with one of the following thread pitch options for the .458 version: 5/8-24, 5/8-32 and 11/16-24. The .375 version comes only with a 5/8-24 thread pitch. It is also possible to choose from three color options: black, stainless or two-tone. The latter is a combination of the black and stainless. The two-tone option costs $40 more than the single color brakes. The two-tone brake has an MSRP of $135 and two other color options cost $95 regardless of the thread pitch option. These muzzle brakes are available on the manufacturer’s website.

    Images from Tromix Lead Delivery Systems website and the company’s social media pages.

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