Armanov 9mm Case Gauge Box for 100 Rounds

    Armanov 9mm Case Gauge Box for 100 Rounds (5)

    A European company called Armanov makes different firearm parts and accessories as well as reloading equipment. In this article, we’ll take a look at a case gauge box made by this company which makes the headspace checking of loaded ammunition a much faster process.

    Armanov 9mm Case Gauge Box for 100 Rounds (21)

    Typical single round case gauges next to Armanov 100 round gauge box

    Case gauges are normally cylindrical devices with a chamber of a round cut in it so that when a round is inserted into it, the rim fits flush with the case gauge. These tools are used by reloaders to make sure the ammunition is reloaded properly, matches the chamber specifications and will headspace correctly in the actual firearm chamber. This checking process helps to make sure the rounds will cycle in the weapon reliably, will be safe to use and won’t cause malfunctions because of being out of spec. It is especially important for competition ammunition which needs to be perfectly consistent.

    Armanov 9mm Case Gauge Box for 100 Rounds (3)

    Note the out of spec case rim sticking out of the gauge surface

    The Armanov case gauge box allows making that process faster by checking the headspace of 100 rounds at a time. It is an aluminum box with each hole in it being a case gauge. All you need to do is to insert the rounds into the holes then see if there are rounds which don’t fit flush. Once you make sure the rounds are in spec, then you can put on the lid of the box and while holding the two parts together flip them over. This will transfer the rounds from the case gauge box to the lid and now you will have the cartridges with bullets facing up. Next, you can place your cartridge box over the rounds and flip the whole thing over again. As a result, you will have all the rounds stored in the ammo box. So the Armanov gauge box also makes the loading into ammo boxes easier after checking them. You can see the described processes in the image below.

    Armanov 9mm Case Gauge Box for 100 Rounds (1)

    Here is also some technical description of the gauge box from the Armanov website:

    These case gauges are machined from top quality aluminium, and the pockets are finished using special reamer, made to tight tolerances SAAMI specification. Since almost all chambers are slightly larger this tool is 10-20 microns larger so it works flawless.

    Here is also a video by a YouTube channel called wiederladerTv showing how the Armanov case gauge box works.

    The Armanov 9mm case gauge box is available for the US customers via a separate section in the company’s website called “US Shop”. The MSRP is $105.

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