Sig Sauer Launches the New P365 and More

    The Sig Sauer P365 was one of the most talked about semi auto pistols to SHOT Show this year. TFB sat down with Sig’s media team and got the low-down on the newest member of the Sig Sauer family.

    The Elephant in the Room

    The very first thing I noticed about the P365 is that this is NOT a P320 or P290 redux. This is a brand new pistol for Sig.

    Named “365” for the ability to use as your EDC 365 days out of the year, this striker-fired semi auto pistol comes complete with night sights and 2 10rd magazines (one with the pinky extension).

    Yep – Sig Sauer brought a double stack 9mm magazine smaller than most of the single stack 9mm.

    Disassembly is actually EASY, thanks to the 3 point safety system. You don’t even have to pull the trigger to take it down.

    The controls are sensible. They’re both beautiful and functional without being overstated. With 2 left-handed shooters in my house, the ambi mag catch is a very nice feature, too!

    The modified trigger guard means that the lower bore axis acts as a recoil modifier (the lower fulcrum point means less muzzle flip).

    Speaking of recoil, the P365 comes with lugs built in to the grip module for recoil mitigation. Rounding out the features are the captured guide rod and spring as well.

    But wait! Sig Sauer wasn’t content to only think of the launch of an amazing new EDC. They know you’re going to need accessories – and they’ve already answered your question before you can even ask it!

    Available RIGHT NOW on the market for the P365 are:

    • 12rd magazine is available as an accessory purchase.
    • An Electro-optics red/green laser
    • Pre-production flush fit flashlight frame
    • Holsters, too!

    Of course, it’s all made in New Hampshire.

    Sig Sauer did allude to the fact that a manual safety model is coming, possibly Q3, 2018 to be Massachusetts compliant. I’ve been assured that the manual safety won’t affect holster fit, though.

    The P365 has an MSRP of $599.

    What Else is Sig Sauer Working On?

    Sig also brought out the M17 (Army’s version), as well as the P320 (civilian version of the M17).

    The biggest difference? One is solid FDE (Army version), the other has a black trigger and no military-esque markings (civilian version).

    The civilian version also offers a choice of manual safety or without.

    Top to bottom: P320 (Civilian M17) with no thumb safety, P320 with thumb safety, Army's M17 military pistol

    Top to bottom: P320 (Civilian M17) with no thumb safety, P320 with thumb safety, Army’s M17 military pistol

    Sig also brought their 716G2 DMR, now in 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Sig Sauer's 716G2 DMR in 6.5 Creedmoor

    Sig Sauer’s 716G2 DMR in 6.5 Creedmoor

    And of course, the M400 VTAC.

    The M400 VTAC is a 100% ambidextrous rifle. It’s got a proprietary gas system for smoother cycling and recoil management. By adding a smooth new trigger, new design on the bolt catch plus the flared magwell the M400 VTAC is as easy to handle as it is to shoot.

    At this time, No MSRP or release date is available.

    M400 VTAC with the new ambi bolt catch.

    M400 VTAC – Note the new ambi bolt catch.

    Rachel Y

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