KING Competition: Short Action Bars for Benelli Supernova & Nova

    At the time of writing tihs, the World Shoot IPSC Shotgun in France is just 99 days away. The event in France is the 3:rd World Championship for IPSC Shotgun.

    At lof of competitors, including myself, are getting ready to fight for the medals (or just enjoy France at its best together with great people and atmosphere).

    If you are shooting a Benelli Supernova & Nova KING Competition have some interesting upgrades for you, namely Short Action Bars.

    KING have been working on these since 2014, when they started running upgraded timing and reduced action travel. 

    The bars will take out unnecessary travel of the action and change the feed timing, which allows for faster shooting. The action bars are made of high tensile stainless steel and with long lifetime.

    According to KING, fitting of the bars is very tight and accurately tolerated to the bolt carrier to take out the clearance and improve the reliability of the action.

    All photos from KING Competition.

     You can find the system in KING’s webshop and an additional description below:

    Kim Leppänen and Jaakko Viitala have worked for many years with the Benelli pump action for competition use. The short action bars will take out unnecessary travel of the action and change the feed timing to allow for fast shooting without problems.

    Bolt carrier modification is required by grinding/filing. A file jig and measurement tool is supplied with the bars. The modification is reversible, and you can just return the orginal action bars, if you need to use 76 or 89mm shells. Contact your gunsmith for the carrier modification, it will be easy job for him with the jig. The action bars are drop-in and will not require any finishing and should not require any fitting.

    Forend of the shotgun will move closer to the shooter. For most users this will provide better front grip and faster cycling of the pump. The shortened action will only feed and eject 70mm hulls. Typical commercial loaded length is less than 60mm. The King short action has been tested to feed up to 62.5mm of loaded length. However shells that long are typically no longer preferred competition shell type, because they are not very nice to reload in to the shotgun.  It is always suggested to test all ammo that is loaded very long.

    The price is 186 € or around 230 USD.
    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.