Armalite on the State of the Industry and What’s Coming in 2018

    During SHOT Show 2018, I asked Armalite, “What’s new for SHOW 2018?” While many companies brought new projects or talked about pending projects in the works, Armalite gave me an unexpected answer.

    Consistency is Key

    The representative at Armalite told me that they did not have any new products to bring to SHOT Show this year and that they were content with that fact.

    Instead, the company, where the AR-10 was born, reiterated that they were currently “focusing on what works”.

    While there are many projects in soft development that will be available as early as the NRA show and for definite launch next year, Armalite is currently choosing to refocus on staying current with the market as it stands right now.

    The company believes that it’s customers needed to see consistency during the slowdown period that most in the firearms industry faced last year.

    When I inquired further on whether or not the company had given any thought to creating an AR-10 that met more of the industry standards for interchangeable parts and accessories, my representative assured me that they had not.

    In fact, one of the aspects that Armalite is so proud of is the fact that they never succumbed to pressure to change or alter their existing design. They’ve remained true to their product line and never waivered on quality.

    In fact, they’ve seen an increase in sales by as much as 15% this year alone!

    I was informed that stripped lower receivers are now available for purchase for the first time ever. But that they still adhere to Armalite standards and specifications.

    Armalite now offers stripped lowers for sale.

    Armalite now offers stripped lowers for sale.

    Reading Market Trends

    I inquired about how they were able to weather the slow-down from last year. Their answer was simple – Armalite has been through most of the storms faced by the firearm industry in recent years.

    Thanks to that foresight, Armalite saw the trends. They read the signs and were able to adjust their business accordingly BEFORE the slowdown occurred.

    The bottom line is – “Don’t change what works.”

    Armalite could easily have jumped on the same “mil-spec” bandwagon yet chose not to. They had enough foresight to head market trends off at the pass. There’s a reason that businesses like Armalite have ensured they’ll be around for years to come.

    The original Armalite AR

    Rachel Y

    Rachel Young is a 4x Best Selling Author. She and her husband John co-own an FFL/SOT showroom and machine shop in Tennessee, specializing in ARs, AR parts, and AR accessories.