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    Thanks for joining us here at TFB for the second installment of the new series Friday Night Lights – where we hope to bring you news, reviews and announcements on everything from every day carry (EDC) flashlights to high-end night vision units and weapons-mounted laser designators. Case in point, while we wait for a few light manufacturers to come on board, we get to announce a set of new tactical light models from Pelican. On the other end of the spectrum, we are spinning up two new reviews – the Flir ThermalSight T50 and the B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ laser/illumi. I’m looking forward to reading both of them.

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    Thermal Imaging and Night Vision At TFB:

    TFB’s Nick C. has a pair of interesting reviews headed our way. Look for a comprehensive review of the FLIR T50 ThermalSight (pictured above) and the must-have B.E. Meyers MAWL C1+.

    Flir ThermalSight T50 – TriJICON

    Designed to interface with day sights such as Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) Model TA31, 4×32 presenting the soldier with the same field of view, keeps reticles calibrated, maintaining boresight Longwave thermal imaging sensor Provides crisp imagery through total darkness, fog, smoke, dust, and many other obscurants.

    B.E. Meyers MAWL C1

    Introducing the MAWL-C1+, the world’s first commercially available infrared and visible green laser aiming device using Class 1+™ technology. The MAWL-C1+ offers all of the ergonomic, clarity, modularity, and interface enhancements of the MAWL-DA, and offers more infrared illumination output power than any FDA Class 1 laser on the commercial market.


    Wired published a quick story on calculating luminix flux and intensity. Although, at the end of the story the author’s left us hanging without an explanation when his math showed less than 200 lumens for a 900 lumen light.

    Since this might be getting confusing, let me use an analogy. Suppose you have a sheet of paper that is in the rain and getting wet. There are two things to consider for your wet paper. First, there is the rate of rain. It can rain hard or soft. This is like the luminous intensity. Second, there is the rate that water hits the paper. This depends on both the rain rate and the size of the paper. The total rain hitting the paper would be like the luminous flux (in lumens). Read the whole story here.

    For a layman’s translation of brightness, has a quick comparison chart:


    Taliban militants launched an offensive on three checkpoints in and around the western Afghan province of Farah on Tuesday using night-vision technology in the group’s latest high-tech assault.

    The Taliban had reportedly purchased the kit on the black market to launch the raids. Officials say the night-vision goggles are Russian-made devices but did not come from Russian hands. They may have been purchased in neighboring Pakistan, where the Taliban has an arm known as the Tehrik-e-Taliban or Pakistani Taliban. Read/watch the whole story here.

    TFB’s own Miles V. had an excellent story about the Taliban’s NV capabilities last December.

    New lights from Pelican:

    Hard case manufacturer Pelican debuted five new flashlights in their tactical lineup. With battery interchangeability, wireless charging and programmable settings, the new models could be in play for EDC setups. Pricing is not available at this time.

    Pelican 7070R Tactical Flashlight:

    In addition to these futuristic features, the 7070R includes a full-time battery level indication, dual switch design, and extreme high-performance light output. All of this yet in a more compact design.

    The dual switch feature is another first from Pelican as seen in the 7060 model. The dual switch technology allows the light to be activated by either a forward mounted switch (good for all general duty use) or a rear mounted switch (conducive for tactical applications).

    Pelican 7110 Tactical Flashlight:

    Don’t let low battery power freeze you in your tracks. Our new Pelican™ 7110 tactical light is compatible with 1 AA or 1 CR123 battery, giving you choices to reload with more battery options to keep the mission going. The power is up to you. The Pelican™ 7110 is loaded with high, strobe, medium and low mode options that can be programmed in five different combinations. A full-time battery level indicator and armored with a type III hard anodized finish, the Pelican™ 7110 can take a hit and will never keep you guessing in the dark.

    Pelican 7620 Tactical Flashlight:

    • Type III hard anodized finish
    • Full-Time Battery Level Indication
    • Will run on 2 AA, 2 CR123, 3 CR123 or Pelican / Peli rechargeable batteries
    • Up to 1124 lumens
    • Four programmable modes (High / Strobe / Medium / Low)
    • Five selectable programs

    TFB REVIEW: Fenix TK35

    In case you missed it, TFB’s Dan M.  Reviewed the Fenix TK35 Flashlight. At 3,000 lumens on Turbo 2, it seems to be a small but really capable package for around $125.

    Verdict? This is an awesome light. I favor lights that I can pocket carry, but this is a great light to have in your stable if you need a powerful searchlight/tactical light. – Read more here.

    Published on Feb 7, 2018, SureFire recently spent some time training out at the Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) and thought we’d share some of the footage.


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