Hollywood Weapons: Silver Screen Guns With Larry Zanoff And Terry Schappert

    Hollywood Weapons

    On Saturday, February 24th at 7:30 p.m. EST, hosts Larry Zanoff and Terry Schappert kick off the new season of Hollywood Weapons premiering on the Outdoor Channel. The two expert gun handlers use each episode of their show to walk through movie scenes and separate reality from Hollywood legend, dissecting the most popular action movie sequences ever produced.

    In the first episode of 2018, Larry and Terry take on two pivotal parts from one of my childhood favorite movies, Quigley Down Under. The first test involves the ‘famous bucket at range’ shot that Quigley used to prove his answer to the ad to shoot dingos in Australia. The second scene tested in this year’s opening act of Hollywood Weapons is the amount of penetration of a .45-110 bullet passing through two men from a large distance away.

    The results? You’ll just have to tune in on Saturday to find out.

    Hollywood Weapons – http://www.outdoorchannel.com/show.aspx?show-id=48441

    Larry Zanoff

    Larry Zanoff has been involved with firearms his entire life. A combat veteran of the Israeli army, Larry is P.O.S.T. Certified, holds a college degree in law enforcement and the administration of justice, and has worked in U.S. Law enforcement, as well as the privet security industry. An additional college degree in gunsmithing and firearms technology led to Larry holding several positions in the firearms manufacturing industry. The above life experience has led Larry to a position at the largest rental armory in the film and Television industry, providing custom weapons manufacturing, actor training, on set armorer services, safety training, and more. Larry continues to be active outside the entertainment industry as well, by providing weapons training to the military, and various government, and law enforcement agencies.

    Terry Schappert

    Veteran of TV and film…and the Special Forces. Terry Schappert is a United States Army National Guard Special Forces master sergeant and martial artist. He left active duty before 9/11, but continues to serve in the Army National Guard.

    Hollywood Weapons. Prepare To Be Blown Away! What is scientific fact — and what is Hollywood fantasy? Some of the most thrilling weapons action sequences from movies and TV are put to the test on Hollywood Weapons, the all-new Outdoor Channel original series. Join U.S. Special Forces veteran Terry Schappert and weapons master Larry Zanoff as they utilize the expertise of Hollywood’s premier prop house and weapons builder — and break down some of the most explosive action in Hollywood history.


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