AR-15 Mod. 613 Pre M16A1 Colt at ZIB Militaria Germany

    ZIB Militaria in Germany is a shop focusing on WWII uniforms and gear, Demilled original weapons, Free gun parts (especially H&K), Model weapons, Blank- and Airguns, Bayonet, daggers, and knives as well as other Militaria Merchandise.

    Growing since 2006 they have become one of the biggest European online-shop for militaria. They have a 1000 square meter storage in Hamburg Germany with about 3 000 products.

    Please note that some of their products are restricted and will NOT ship to your destination. As TFB is mainly about firearms you guessed it, most of the things we cover here from ZIB will be restricted so please DO NOT waste your or their time (or the customs or the police) as it might be highly illegal to try to purchase some of these parts in your country.

    Nevertheless, some products in ZIB’s online shop are worth covering out of historical interest. Looking is not forbidden (yet).

    Photo from ZIB Militaria – AR-15 Mod. 613 Pre M16A1 Colt.


    The rifle(s) below are such a thing. My personal interest is mainly in modern firearms (the latest ones), but I did some research about this AR-15 Mod. 613 Pre M16A1 Colt. This was taken from


    As far as I know, the model number was the only difference in the rifles, so what you have is identical to what our military used–except for the rollmark.

    And as you guessed, the 613 would have been manufactured by Colt and exported directly to Malaysia. It was not first used in VN and then sent to Malaysia as a “surplus” arm.

    When this same design (603) was adopted by the US Military, it was given the military name “M16-A1.” (The “M16” did not have a forward assist mechanism on the side of the upper receiver. The “M16 A1” does have the forward assist.)

    So if you’re looking for the history of the model, you might search for “M16 A1” as well as “603” and “613.” I’m sure there are a LOT of stories out there about these rifles!

    Incidentally, we used the A1 in our military well into the 1980s, when we started replacing it with the A2 model, and you’ll still find a few in service even today (although they usually have a lot of replaced parts).

    For many of us, the M16 A1 is the classic representation of “retro” ARs.

    This was taken previously from ZIB Militaria’s Instagram account:

    Colt AR-15 Mod. 613 Cal. 5,56 MM Serial # 4641456.

    I continued searching and found some more interesting information.

    According to this pdf which I found here, the serial number 4,641.456 belongs to the Model 613 for Malaysia. (5 000 pcs.).

    Marked RED below.

    Serial numbers 4,638,401 through 4,643,400 Model 613 for Malasia (5000)

    All pictures from ZIB Militaria.

    As a reference, I found this at James D. Julia’s Auctions.

    “**COLT AR15 MOD 613 COMMERCIAL VERSION OF M16. SN 5080798. Cal. 5.56 mm (.223). The standard commercial variant of M16 w/ 20″ bbl and A1 flash hider, bayonet lug, early front sight, and standard A1 rear sight. It has black plastic triangle beavertail forearm, pistol grip, and buttstock w/ trap door & black canvas sling. Accompanied by a (colt 3×20 scope w/ cover, and an M7 bayonet w/ an M8 scabbard. PROVENANCE: Stern Collection. CONDITION: Very fine. Finish is complete and origin w/ a few minor handling marks, nicks, scratches from being in a safe. Handguard and stock are intact w/ minor handling marks. Mechanics are smooth, and the bore is bright and shiny. Optics are crisp, and bayonet is fine. (12,000-15,000)”

    COLT AR15 MOD 613 COMMERCIAL VERSION OF M16, in 2008 it sold for over 12 000 USD. I don’t know how it would compare to the one pictured here from ZIB.

    ZIB Militaria has a few other M16 A1 US Colt made for sale (deactivated) and here as well as this one in MINT condition. Please let us remind you again that most of these items are restricted, so please do not try to purchase them unless you are absolutely sure it is legal.

    If you have any stories about these rifles please share below.

    Eric B

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