Almost a Success, The Spanish AMELI Light Machine Gun

    The AMELI light machine gun was Spain’s answer to what the Ministry of Defense needed in a squad automatic weapon, as a base of fire for the Spanish Infantry fire team. It was based on the late war German MG45 design, or as we see here, possibly just another version of the Mauser-CETME Light Machine Gun of roller-locking lore. It primarily used belts of M27 NATO links, but there were versions outfitted for STANAG magazines that replaced the feed tray cover (these were rarely if ever used). Later versions even had British SUSAT sights clamped to rails on the feed tray cover.

    Unfortunately, although the AMELI was an excellent design, the lack of quality components and materials became the crux of the light machine gun. Later versions attempted to remedy the problem but it was already far too late for anything to be fixed on a fleet-wide basis. In the video, we even get a chance to interview a Spanish Marine who runs his own tactical blog, who specifically mentions that the AMELI wasn’t much for confidence building among the troops who used it.


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