Acadian Armament – Predator And Patriot Line Of Suppressors

    Acadian Armament, a Louisiana based suppressor manufacturer, was chosen last year to supply silencers to Lafayette Parish Sheriffs Office for field and tactical team use. The company focuses on two technologies to reduce the sound signature from firearms: Two Stage Suppression and a Parallel Path Baffle system. Both are explained in more detail below.

    Depending on your host configuration, Acadian offers four different models for sale through their network of dealers. Pricing starts at $650 and goes up to about $900 based on models and options. More details can be found below.

    Two-Stage Suppression 

    • Blast suppression and bullet stability are treated as separate events.
    • Reduces Yaw & Drag
    • Unsurpassed Accuracy
    • No BC Corrections
    • Tighter Groups
    • Incredible Recoil Management
    • Target stays “in glass” throughout the shot.

    Parallel Path Baffle

    • PPB™ separates solids from the gas flow while removing gases from the bullet.
    • Full-Auto ROF
    • Preserves Shot Precision
    • Minimal Blow-back
    • Small Physical Size
    • x Shot grouping remains precise with shooters documenting hits on 10” steel at 1,000 yards.


    Predator™ Pantera (MSRP $795)

    • TSS™ Technology
    • Dimensions: 7.00” x 1.50″OD
    • Weight: 12.7 Ounces
    • Material: 17-4 HH1150SS & 2024-T3 Al/7075 Al Finish: Melonite®-/QPQ® & Cerakote®
    • Mount Options: 1/2”-28 tpi Direct & 5/8”-24 tpi Direct Caliber Options: 6mm/.243
    • 6.5mm/.264
    • 30 caliber
    • Rate of Fire: Semi Auto
    • 1474-D SPL
    • 16” SA 135.5dB 77gr .223 (5-rnd avg)
    • 16” SA 137.5dB 55gr .223
    • 16” BA 136.3dB 55gr .223
    • 16” SA 137.1dB 130gr .308
    • 16” SA 131.8dB 208gr .308 (subsonic)

    Predator™ Lynx (MSRP $655)

    • PPB™ Technology
    • Dimensions: 5.01” x 1.06″OD
    • Weight: 7.3 Ounces
    • Calibers: Up to 5.56mm NATO
    • Material: 17-4 HH1150SS QPQ
    • Rate of Fire: Full Auto* 16” barrel
    • Finish: Melonite®-/QPQ® 1474-D SPL

    Test Details

    • Cooper 21 17 Rem 24 25gr 139.25
    • M16 0.223 20 77gr 138.38
    • M4A1 0.223 16 77gr 139.60
    • Patrolman 0.223 16 77gr 138.90
    • Savage 93 .22LR 16 40gr CCI Std. Vel. 112.31

    Patriot™ Defender (MSRP $799/$899 w/Ti Base) PPB™ Technology

    • Dimensions: 6.01” x 1.20″OD
    • Weight: 13.3 oz – 11.4 oz (with Ti Base) Calibers: Up to 5.56mm NATO Material: 17-4
    • HH1150SS QPQ (Ti Base optional)
    • Rate of Fire: Full Auto
    • 10” barrel Finish: Melonite®-/QPQ® 1474-D SPL
    • 10″ barrel – 55gr .223 139.74dB
    • 10″ barrel – 77gr .223 137.28dB
    • 16″ barrel – 55gr .223 134.06dB
    • 16″ barrel – 77gr .223 129.27dB
      Full-auto on 10″ and longer barrels

    ACADIAN Armament: Lafayette company develops silencers for law enforcement and anti-terror applications

    Lafayette, LA October 18, 2017: Acadian Armament, a Lafayette Louisiana company, was chosen to supply silencers for Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT, training and field use.

    “This silencer was designed specifically for law enforcement and anti-terror applications to complement a minimalistic weapon platform,” says Roy Couvillion, inventor of the technology behind this unique device.

    The strict design parameters made the development of the Patriot™ Defender LE-SBR a challenge. “It’s fairly easy to design a quiet silencer if big and heavy are not concerns,” says Couvillion. “The objective here was to minimize size, weight, gas blowback, etc. and at the same time maximize sound attenuation, accuracy, and durability.” Couvillion worked closely with Department of State Anti-Terror Assistance program team leader and curriculum advisor Mark Greneaux and law enforcement personnel to develop a suppressor/weapon package for anti-terror, SWAT, and other close-quarter operations.

    “Given the tight parameters Mark prescribed, it was clear that we’d need a different approach” explains Couvillion regarding the new firearm blast suppression technology used in the Defender design. The patent-pending method used by the Defender is also used in Acadian Armament’s Predator™ Lynx. Predator™ is Acadian’s sporting line of products and the very popular Lynx is the smallest .223/5.56mm NATO full-auto rated silencer available.

    Couvillion credits law enforcement feedback for the minimal blowback characteristic of the Defender. “SWAT team members consider blowback a significant performance factor, especially in close-quarters use. A very minor tweak in the baffle geometry made a significant difference and actually improved sound pressure levels.” He further explains “It’s a considerable safety issue and I don’t know that I would have gotten there without that input

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