Savage Arms Expands their B Series Rifles with Left-Hand & Compact Models

    B Series

    For that group of people who have affectionately loved the B Series from afar, but did not have a rifle to fit their stature or left-handed nature, consider this your invitation to the party. Savage Arms is now producing the rimfire B Series of rifles in both Left-Hand and Compact offerings.

    Savage Arms has stated that these new models are currently shipping to brick ‘n mortar stores as well as online retailers.

    Some of the appealing features of the B Series that might draw your pocketbook in are the stock with the design of several key elements. These rifles have a higher comb than most rimfire rifles and it is more intelligently designed in regards to ergonomics for the shooter.

    B Series

    Savage Arms B Series in a Left-Hand Configuration

    Also, it boasts a target-style, vertical pistol grip. What this accomplishes is it places the user’s hand in a more anatomically correct position while holding the rifle (big words writer guy… cut to the chase).  Moreover, there is less pressure and strain on your wrist meaning a more natural and relaxed position while pulling the trigger.

    Another interesting characteristic to these rifles as stated by Savage Arms… “they also use thread-in zero tolerance headspacing similar to that found on Savage centerfire rifles to produce consistent accuracy.” So between good ergonomics, the AccuTrigger, and a well-engineered headspace, the shooter is situating himself/herself perfectly for more successful shots.

    B Series

    Savage Arms B Series in a Left-Hand Configuration

    Some more of the features present on all of the .22 LR, .22 WMR, and .17 HMR rifles can be read below:

    • User-Adjustable AccuTrigger
    • 10-Round Rotary Magazine
    • Button-Rifled Barrel
    • Modern, Ergonomic Composite Stock
    • Top Tang Safety
    • Drilled & Tapped for Scope Mounts
    • Iron sights (.22 LR only)

    Finally, here are all of the caliber offerings, expected retail pricing and options that will be available for the B Series in Left Hand.

    • .17 HMR | 21″ Barrel | SKU 70840 | MSRP $299
    • .22 WMR | 21″ Barrel | SKU 70540 | MSRP $299
    • .22 LR | 21″ Barrel | SKU 70240 | MSRP $279

    Here are specs and pricing for the options available in Compact offerings as well.

    • .17 HMR | 18″ Barrel | SKU 70814 | MSRP $299
    • .22 WMR | 18″ Barrel | SKU 70514 | MSRP $299
    • .22 LR | 18″ Barrel | SKU 70214 | MSRP $279

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