Phoenix Weaponry Integrally Suppressed Rifle Chambered in .338-06 A-Square

    Phoenix Weaponry has introduced a new integrally suppressed bolt action rifle chambered in .338-06 A-Square. Although the rifle is built on a Remington 700 action, the company can build it on other actions too.

    Phoenix Weaponry Integrally Suppressed Bolt Action Rifle Chambered in .338-06 A-Square 1

    .338-06 A-Square cartridge dimensions by Nosler

    This rifle comes with a fluted bolt made by the Pacific Tool & Gauge and custom Remington 700 trigger. It also features a 24″ Douglas barrel and a glass bedded Bell and Carlson stock. The rifle is marketed as a hunting one and in order to keep the overall weight down, the company has equipped it with a titanium integral suppressor. The overall weight of the rifle is under 8 lbs (without the scope). Phoenix Weaponry also claims sub-MOA accuracy for this rifle. These are the standard features of the rifle, but it can be further customized. As Phoenix Weaponry says:

    While this is a standard rifle, we will be happy to custom build it any way you would like, or likewise convert your current rifle to this integrally suppressed platform just by contacting us directly so we can help you realize your dream.

    • Other calibers available upon request and approval
    • Phoenix Weaponry can offer a complete custom trigger upon customer request and up charge
    • Phoenix Weaponry offers single and multi-color paint and graphics to finish out the custom appearance of your weapon and / or optics at an additional charge
    • MA, NJ, NY, MD, CA and CO compliant versions are available. Other specific state or local

    The MSRP for the above-described standard configuration of the Phoenix Weaponry integrally suppressed rifle is $4,600.

    The .338-06 cartridge is basically the .30-06 Springfield necked up to .338 caliber. It is a big game hunting caliber. It is currently commercially available through several companies including Nosler.

    Phoenix Weaponry Integrally Suppressed Bolt Action Rifle Chambered in .338-06 A-Square11

    Nosler Custom ammunition .338-06 A-Square (Image from

    According to Nosler load data, this round can push the lighter 180-grain bullets to about 2,900 fps and the heavier 250-grain bullets reach around 2,400 fps of muzzle velocity. Nosler offers .338-06 A-Square ammunition loaded with AccuBond and Partition bullets with the projectile weighs of 180, 200, 210, 225 and 250 grains.

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