MATBOCK ARD 40mm Grenade Launcher Sight

    MATBOCK ARD 40mm Grenade Launcher Sight featured

    A US company called MATBOCK has released a new 40mm grenade launcher sight which automatically estimates the range of the grenade impact depending on the angle of the weapon system. The new sight is called ARD (Aquire Read Deploy).

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    In order to make a shot, the shooter must make sure the weapon is pointing at the target windage wise (in the horizontal plane) which can be done by the pistol style iron sights on the top of the ARD sight. The sight also shows on the LCD screen whether the weapon is canted or not. Next, knowing the distance to the target, the operator must tilt the muzzle of the weapon up until the needed distance is displayed on the screen of the sight. Once the distance matches, all you need is to pull the trigger of the grenade launcher.

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    Right now MATBOCK ARD sight comes programmed with the ballistic data of M203, M302 and TGL6 grenade launchers and 3 types of 40mm projectiles. Users can select the needed launcher or ammunition type in the menu of the sight using the two buttons located on its right side. The sight works both with the under barrel grenade launchers and their standalone versions. The addition of new projectile and launcher data must be done in the factory.

    The ARD sight can also be mounted on the side rails (3 or 9 o’clock). In this case, you need to select in the menu of the sight to which side of the weapon it is mounted on and it will automatically rotate the displayed information and will also automatically adjust the mechanism to the new position in relation to the weapon system.

    Despite the large appearance of the sight, it doesn’t block the optics mounted behind it. The ARD sight works with most of the AR red dot sights and covers only the lower portion of the field of view similar to lower 1/3 co-witnessed backup iron sights.

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    MATBOCK ARD sight is made of aluminum and has an anodized finish. It mounts to the weapon via an integrated Picatinny rail mount. The sight is available through the company’s website at an MSRP of $750.

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