Denmark is evaluating a new service pistol for 2019. One down already

    According to the Danish website (Translated: The Warrior), the Danish Army is looking for a new handgun. It is mandatory for the new pistol to be Striker Fired.

    The pistol M/49, which is a SIG Sauer P210, is expected to end its service life with the Danes in 2019. After almost 70 years it’s about time I guess.

    The Danish Defense have therefore been evaluating 5 candidates, as per the list below.

    • CANIK
    • Glock
    • Smith & Wesson
    • Beretta

    Actually, it seems the Smith & Wesson is already out of the game. I don’t know the reason for this, but most likely it didn’t pass some of the tests. I don’t even know which model they tried. If you know please write in the comments below.

    This means that only 4 candidates remain for the second run, but there can only be one winner and 3 losers in this competition. The list is now as follows:

    Below: Only one can be the winner. Photo from the YouTube evaluation below.

    I actually shot the Canik TP9 about a month ago, unfortunately, it was freezing cold so I can’t really say how it was other than that the trigger was relatively nice. I hit the steel as intended before I ran inside for some hot coffee. The insides of the TP9 looked fairly similar to a Glock.

    Below: cast a vote on the question – Which of the 4 candidates do you think will become the Danish Defence’s new pistol? The Glock is currently at 41% just ahead of the SIG P320 at 37%.

    You can check this video from the evaluations:

    You can check Arma Dania for more information on the M49: here.

    And, of course,, Danish m/49 Service Pistol by SIG for a continued history lesson.


    Which one do you think will win the contract for Denmark?

    Sweden is using the Glock 17 as Pistol 88 (1988), Norway as well. Finland is also using the Glock 17, with a special RTF2 texture around the grip, 20 N (4.5 lbf) trigger pull and self illuminating tritium sights. But which way will the Danes go?

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