Wojtek Weaponry Gas Block Assembling Tray

    Wojtek Weaponry Gas Block Assembling Tray (1)

    Wojtek Weaponry is a firearm accessories manufacturing company located in San Diego, California. They have recently added to their product line a rather simple and useful fixture – a 3D printed tray for AR-15 gas blocks which makes assembly and disassembly of the gas tube a much easier process.

    Wojtek Weaponry Gas Block Assembling Tray (2)

    Sizes of the gas blocks are marked on the tray

    The Wojtek Weaponry gas block assembling tray aligns the AR-15 gas block in relation to the bench surface making it easier to work on it. The tray has a cutout for the barrel and the gas tube. It also features a hole in the gas tube pin area to make a room for the driven out gas tube pin. This tray comes in four versions designed for different gas block sizes including .625″, .750″, .875″ and .936″.

    Wojtek Weaponry Gas Block Assembling Tray (3)

    Note the hole for gas tube pin disassembly

    This product should be a great addition to the toolbox for gunsmiths or those who frequently build rifles. In fact, the MSRP of $15 (regardless of the size option) makes it a valuable purchase for anyone.

    Wojtek Weaponry gas block assembling tray is available for purchase via the company’s website.

    P.S. The name of the company should sound familiar to many of WW2 history enthusiasts and if you can’t recall where you have heard that then the company’s logo must hint you.

    At any rate, if you want to learn what Wojtek means and why the logo depicts a bear carrying an artillery shell, here is a brief explanation from Wojtek Weaponry’s website:

    Wojtek (pronounced Voy-Tech) was a bear that served as a mascot to the Polish 22nd Transport Division in World War Two. He was purchased from an Iranian shepherd for a few tins of meat (his mother had been killed) and then hand-raised by the men of the unit. Wojtek quickly came into his own and was loved by all the men. He was given a name, rank and serial number so he could be with his unit and was famous for smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and sneaking into the tents at night to snuggle with his comrades. When he wasn’t getting into trouble he helped his unit by being an ambassador, a guard for the trucks and even helped capture an enemy spy.

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