Hands on with the Polish ZMT Tor Bullpup Anti-Materiel Rifle

    Along with our visit to Battlefield Las Vegas where we were able to fire ZMT’s UKM 2000 general purpose machine gun, TFB was also able to get close and personal with the companies anti-material rifle entry. The Tor is a .50 BMG manually operated, magazine fed (bullpup configuration), anti-material rifle that was just recently approved by the ATF for entry into the United States for sale to Military/LE entities. The rifle has actually been around for almost two decades with initial development beginning in the early 2000s and eventually seeing adoption by the Polish Armed Forces as the WKW Wilk (Wolf Anti-Material Rifle). A version chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO has also seen much developmental work, known as the BOR.

    Mounted on the receiver is an M1913 Picatinny optics rail.

    Single loading rounds can be a bit tricky as Nathaniel F. quickly found out-

    Due to the bullpup configuration, the size of the bolt is similar when compared to other bolt action anti-material rifle designs such as the M99 Barrett. Note just how low the bolt has been turned down. The detachable magazine has a capacity of 7 rounds.

    Although we couldn’t disassemble the rifle, it appears that the bolt head is a three-lug design.

    The cheekpiece is adjustable but the length of pull is not.

    There is a two-position safety on the right side of the rifle about the trigger guard. It is not ambidextrous.

    Bipods can be folded forward or backward and are adjustable for height. These are mounted to an M1913 Picatinny rail affixed to the handguard of the rifle at the 6 o’clock position.

    The carrying handle can be folded to the 6 o’clock position during firing to be moved out of the way. It can also be carried in this configuration as well.

    There is a folding M1913 Picatinny rail mounted to the handguard for the positioning of ATPIAL devices or even thermal/IR intensifiers to co-witness with the day scope.

    The six ported muzzle brake is massive. Despite the muzzle brake, the recoil and report of the rifle were very substantial.

    Although accuracy testing for a rifle with a maximum effective range of 2 kilometers is quite difficult in a 25-meter range, it should be noted that both rounds fired from different shooters were almost on top of each other.

    If you are in the Las Vegas area, you can have the chance to shoot the ZMT Tor at Battlefield Las Vegas. To our knowledge, this is the only Tor currently in the United States.


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