PSA: Short Run of Peterson Match Grade Brass Out of Spec

    Peterson Match Grade Brass

    Peterson Cartridge Company is a manufacturer of brass casings for handloaders that are primarily designed for and used by long-distance shooters. Although they are a smaller company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania they produce a very healthy amount of Peterson Match Grade Brass for consumers.

    It was brought to their attention by a customer recently that a small lot number of brass was potentially out of spec in the primer pocket. After further research and investigation internally, this was confirmed to be true.

    The Lot #W1TL0079 and Quality Control #012218, which was 6.5 Creedmoor brass with Small Rifle Primer pockets, were found to be out of spec. Although not by much, it was significant enough where they would no longer retain a primer in their pocket and became out of spec with SAAMI standards.

    Two good things have risen from this unfortunate situation so far:

    1. Peterson Cartridge Company is taking full responsibility for the error in the short run of Peterson Match Grade Brass; no blame game or passing the buck
    2. If you are affected, they will pay to have your brass sent back in… Ship back replacement brass for you for FREE… and you will receive a one-time 20% off promo code for their webstore as a further apology for their inconvenience

    If you had recently purchased 6.5 Creedmoor brass from them, be sure to check your Lot and Quality Control numbers to see if your purchase is applicable. If your brass fits that description, even afterwards still test to see if your Small Rifle Primer pockets are true to spec. Not all of the brass from those specific Lot and QC numbers was affected; only a small amount.

    Peterson Cartridge Company is truly sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused for any consumers who purchased their Peterson Match Grade Brass and are affected.

    Their complete Public Service Announcement can be read below.

    Peterson Match Grade Brass

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