Speer Acquires French National Police Ammunition Contract for the Foreseeable Future

    French National Police

    Speer has always been highly regarded for the hollow-point (HP) ammunition they are able to produce for law enforcement and civilian use. Similarly, the French National Police force is well respected throughout the world for their training and capabilities.

    It would only make sense that two organizations like this were to link up at some point to create a mutually beneficial relationship, right? Well, that has finally happened. Speer‘s most highly coveted Gold Dot Duty ammunition in 9mm Luger 124 Grain has garnered them a long-term contract with the French National Police.

    Jason Nash, Senior Director of Marketing at Speer, commented on this newly struck relationship and awarded contract:

    The French National Police are one of the world’s finest law enforcement agencies. We’re proud to provide Speer Gold Dot for their duty ammunition needs, and are honored they selected us for this important contract.

    At this time, specific quantities of the Gold Dot Duty ammunition have not been specified or at least made public knowledge. Also, the amount of money this contract will draw for Speer has not been publicly stated either.

    French National Police

    Speer Gold Dot bullet [Credit: https://www.speer-ammo.com/personal-protection-gold-dot ]

    For those unacquainted with what the Gold Dot bullet has to offer, it was one of the industry’s first truly bonded-core bullets. Through a process that Speer touts as their Uni-Cor construction process, the lead core of a bullet gets bonded to its outside jacket a single atom at a time. As a result, you get superb weight retention, consistency in flight and upon impact.

    Other components that go into the making of Gold Dot Duty ammunition are CCI primers, cleaning burning powders and nickel-plated brass which better ensures smooth feeding, extraction and generally improved functioning over other materials like steel, bi-metal, and even traditional brass.

    If you are thinking you would like to give this a try in your own carry pistol, Speer has quite a few caliber and grain weight offerings for consumers to try.

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