Kalashnikov: Around the World. Hungarian AKs (Part 3/3)

    Kalashnikov Around the World. Hungarian AKs (Part 3)

    If you have read the first and second parts of our articles telling about the Hungarian AKs, you must know that they are based on a video series published by the Kalashnikov Media. These series are called “Kalashnikov: Around the World”. Vladimir Onokoy, the technical consultant of the Kalashnikov Concern, interviews Pavel Pticin (the founder of AK-Infor.Ru) in these videos. They talk about the differences and features of AK rifles manufactured in various countries. This article is based on the third and final part of the videos about the Hungarian AKs. Let’s take a look at these rifles.

    AK-63F (AMM) & AK-63D (AMMS)

    Kalashnikov Around the World. Hungarian AKs (Part 3)

    AK-63F (AMM) rifle with a NSP-3 (a.k.a. NSPZ-3) night vision scope

    In the ’70s, Hungary has already adopted the AKM-63, AMD-65 and AMP-69 rifles. These were good rifles, but for the sake of further simplification, unification with allies and exportability of their rifles, Hungarians started making AK-63 rifles which were almost completely identical to the Soviet AKM. The differences of AK-63 rifles from the AKM is mainly in the different wood type and the shape of the furniture – particularly the distinctive Hungarian pistol grip shape. Obviously, the markings are also different.

    Kalashnikov Around the World. Hungarian AKs (Part 3)

    AK-63D (AMMS) is almost exactly identical to AKMS

    The AKM copy was designated as AK-63F, also known as AMM. The version with an underfolder stock (identical to AKMS) was called AK-63D or AMMS. Eventually, the AK-63 rifles almost completely replaced the previously adopted rifles and they are still in service in Hungarian Defence Forces. Later, they also made a modernized version of these rifles called AK-63MF.

    NGM & NGV

    Kalashnikov Around the World. Hungarian AKs (Part 3)

    In the ’80s, the Hungarian FEG arms factory designed an AK-based rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO caliber. According to most of the sources, the fixed stock version of these rifles is designated as NGM and the folding stock one – NGV. Some sources state that there were also versions chambered in 5.45x39mm caliber.

    Kalashnikov Around the World. Hungarian AKs (Part 3)

    The 5.56x45mm magazine is less curved compared to the 7.62x39mm one

    Kalashnikov Around the World. Hungarian AKs (Part 3)

    Note the flash hider on the NGV rifle

    Besides the different metal magazine and the new caliber, these rifles were also equipped with a flash hider identical to Russian ones seen on AKML rifles. The NGV/NGM rifles were also exported to the USA.

    That’s the third and final part of Kalashnikov videos telling about Hungarian AKs.

    Below is the link to the Kalashnikov Media video which this article is based on. The video is currently available only in Russian. As soon as the English version is released, I’ll post the link.



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    Images from Kalashnikov.Media

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