Slow Motion Bullet Race by The Slow Mo Guys

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    A popular YouTube channel called The Slow Mo Guys makes a variety of cool videos filmed with high-end slow motion cameras. Among their videos, there is a fair amount of gun-related ones too. Arguably one of the most interesting slow motion footages is to see the bullet in flight or hitting various objects. Who doesn’t like to watch these mesmerizing videos?

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    In one of their latest videos, they shot four different caliber guns, filmed them in the same test area, hitting a target (watermelon) at the same distance. The speed of the camera is 100,00 frames per second. Already sounds fun, right? However, they did something even cooler! They compared all the footages of these calibers aligning the moments of the bullets exiting the muzzles. The result is something that looks like a race of bullets. Let’s watch The Slow Mo Guys’ video:

    As you can see in the video, the cartridges used are .416 Barrett, 7.62x39mm, 9x19mm and .45ACP shot from a Barrett semi-auto rifle, an AK-47, a SIG pistol and a 1911 pistol respectively. They mostly mention the muzzle velocities in miles per hour, but when converting to the more usual feet per second we get the following muzzle velocity numbers: .416 Barrett – 3,131 fps, 7.62x39mm – 2,498 fps, 9x19mm – 1,172 fps and .45 ACP – 846 fps. Knowing the performance of these calibers, it is easy to predict who will win the race. However, it is something that your eye is not capable to catch at least at the 12 feet distance. So, even though the results are predictable, it is still fascinating to watch the race in slow motion footage.

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    If you like these guys’ videos, you might want to take a look at another recently released video where they shoot a Barret Model 82A1 rifle chambered in .50 BMG and film it in slow motion including from the target’s angle of sight!

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