Hunter Gets Triggered By Friend

    How to ball tap your friend with a shotgun.

    1. Ask him “Hey Man, you got your gun on safety?”
    2. Pull the trigger
    3. Laugh a lot

    This is rather funny and most likely a harmless prank.  Even if they were shooting some potent 3″ or 3.5″ shells the shot would not go very far. Although it appears they are drinking while using firearms and that I just do not condone. I am a little concerned that the shotgun might be an autoloader. Could another round have been chambered? Would the victim’s groin be enough to cycle the next round if the gun was inertia driven rather than gas driven? Dropping a loaded firearm is a bit irresponsible and mildy dangerous. Luckily it fell away from the three people in the boat.

    In case those of you who can’t see the video, here it is on Instagram.


    Have you ever had a “friend” play a prank on you when firearms were being used? Or have you played any pranks on your friends?

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