[GAOS 2018] Mossberg Shockwaves, Shotguns, And MVP New For 2018

    At SHOT Show 2018, Mossberg made the headlines with their 590M double stack mag fed shotgun. I missed their new line up but got to see them at the Great American Outdoor Show. Mossberg has one of the largest booths at GAOS. They brought out their entire lineup and the 590M was clearly the star of the show. In the wings I noticed some guns that I did not see before.

    Besides the 20ga Shockwave, Mossberg is going to be offering the Shockwave in FDE cerakote and a marine coating.

    20Ga is $455 and the cerakote 590 shockwave will be $504. No price on the marine coated shockwave.

    Mossberg is also updating their budget Maverick 88 Shotgun and making them more tactical. They will be releasing the Maverick with an ATI stop folding stock. I am actually more intrigued by the FDE Maverick 88. It has FDE molded furniture along with a full length mag tube. Both shotguns feature an 18.5″ barrel. The FDE Maverick has an 8 round magazine tube and the ATI folder has the standard 5 round tube.

    Mossberg also brought out their newest MVP LC (Light Chassis). It is their MVP bolt action but now bundled with an MDT Chassis. They appear to be going after the precision rifle market and are now offering the MVP in 6.5 Creedmoor and at a retail price of just $1050 it is affordable. Of course you can go for their actual precision rifle version for $1400.

    These firearms appear to fit the trend in the industry. I am glad that they are offering different colors in the 590 Shockwave line although I am concerned how much the marine coated version will be. The Remington Tac-14 with marine coating is rather expensive at an MSRP of $841. I hope the Mossberg version won’t be that expensive. I would have liked to have seen FDE furniture on the Cerakoted 590 Shockwave just like the Maverick 88.

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