[GAOS 2018] Future Forged 1.2oz Light Weight AR Grip And AFG

    While walking down the aisles of the Great American Outdoor Show, I have to admit I was suckered into Future Forged’s tag line “Lightest AR Grip In The World”.It drew me in and when I picked up their Vektor grip, it truly was the lightest weight grip I have ever felt.

    As soon as I picked it up I immediately recognized the material and method of manufacturing. These grips are 3D printed using a fused deposition modeling machine. The material is not your ordinary polymer. It is carbon fiber infused plastic. The slivers of carbon fiber act as a binder that enhances the plastic and makes it much stronger than without the carbon fiber. In fact my friend @bkmiller556 has been experimenting with a similar material and has made lightweight mag wells and optic mounts for competition.

    Future forged Vektor SG1 in my hand

    The Vektor weighs just 1.2 oz and is extremely rigid. The representative at the booth said the weight savings is due to the grip being hollow. Not just the giant gap in the center of the grip, but inside the polymer part, there are voids to reduce weight.

    Future Forged also makes a 1oz angled foregrip. The Halex is named after the center claw of predatory birds. It allows for multiple grip positions. From C-Clamp, supinated to a pseduo vertical grip

    Halex angled foregrip held in my fingers C-clamp Halex grip supinated grip with Halex demonstrating the Halex as a vertical grip

    The Halex is availible in Keymod or MLOK.

    While the dark gray look of the 3D printed grips looks good, these multi color grips look even better. Future Forged is using a multiple head extruder to print multiple colors. They printed the grips in differing layers and at first glance they look like laminate wood.

    gray and black laminate style grips

    blue and black laminate style grip vertical postiond halex showing red and black layers red whie and blue laminated style pistol grip

    The Vektor SG grips are on sale for $79.99 on their website.

    The SG-1 grip features a longer front pommel and a rear tail for added maneuverability. While the SG-2 has a more compact outline for maximum weight savings and anti snag shape.

    The original Vektor grips are cheaper at $64.99 and do not have the hexagonal holes in the side.

    The Halex retails for $49.99. At the moment they are only offering a red and black grip set, both the SG and Halex grips for $159.99

    red and black grips

    For more information check out their website.

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