NEW: AR Magazine from SureFeed with Textured Grip

    Textured Grip

    Even with all the advances in polymer materials and design over the last decade or so, half of my magazine stash is of the aluminum variety. While both types have their positives and negatives, most AR15 shooters sometimes to forget that magazines are disposable items. Of course longevity and reliability tests are an important part of the weapon’s ammunition feeding system, but at some point, worn our components should be replaced.

    i had the chance to meet up with the Okay Industries/SureFeed team at SHOT and handle the new E2 magazines in person. Even though the upgrades from previous versions are subtle, the magazines are well constructed and the textured grip is functional. We have some on the way for pairing with our upcoming review guns. Details below.

    New AR Magazine from SureFeed with Textured Grip and Patented Low Friction Feed lips!

    New Britain, CT –Okay Industries, the world’s most experienced AR magazine manufacturer, has introduced the SureFeed E2 magazine. This evolution of the SureFeed 30 round product line is the result of over 45 years’ experience manufacturing M16/M4 magazines for the U.S. military. Patented feed lip design, textured side panels, a new anti-tilt follower, and caliber markings complete the evolution for Okay’s new SureFeed E2 magazine taking it to the next level for handling and performance.
    SureFeed E2’s patented feed lips dramatically increase reliability by decreasing the force necessary to strip the cartridge from the magazine.

    This low friction feed lip design helps the rifle continue to function when dirty or fouled with carbon. An industry first for metal magazines, the textured side panels of the SureFeed E2 have been designed to improve handling even with wet or cold hands or while wearing gloves. Okay’s textured pattern is aggressive enough to provide a positive, secure grip without interfering with insertion or removal from magazine pouches. Also an industry first is an embossed “5.56MM” marking on each side for quick an easy caliber identification.

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