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    Finally, it is time to wrap up the 2018 SHOT Show TFB coverage – while it seems like an endless supply of stories on manufacturers and vendors, we are proud to bring you the most complete rundown of the biggest show of the year. Anyway, you asked and we listened – between the blog itself, Instagram, Facebook and telepathy, we took your requests for more information seriously. Let’s start off today with five of the most popular Long Guns from this year’s SHOT Show.

    [SHOT 2018] – Long Guns

    Mossberg Double Stack 590:


    Long guns

    At first glance, Mossberg’s new 590M magazine-fed shotgun is a progression of their popular and reliable scatterguns. Look a little closer, however, and you will see some potentially industry-changing technology: the new magazines come in double-stack form. In capacities ranging from five to 20 rounds, the thick form factor allows for high shell capacities without the excessive length found in other mag-fed shotgun platforms.

    Franklin Armory Reformation:


    Since the announcement last week, there has been a lot of rumor and speculation about the secret behind Franklin Armory’s Reformation. Many people thought that since Franklin Armory is known for their Binary Trigger, then the NFA work around must be trigger related. This is incorrect. The Binary Trigger has been out for a while now and does not alter the classification of the rifles or pistols you install then into. But wait, what about “release” triggers. Ok those do exist and are most commonly found in competition Trap or Skeet shotguns. However they are still considered shotguns.

    Ruger PC9:


    Ruger has a LOT of new firearms that they are introducing to consumers for 2018, but some of them tower in popularity above others. It was pretty easily recognizable by how long the lines were to shoot and test firearms at SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range. The number one firearm on that list is easily the PC9 Carbine that, like a phoenix, has risen again from the ashes.

    FDM L5:


    FD Munitions was up in the NEXT area of SHOT Show. These are the small kiosks just outside the Press Room and often have some really interesting firearm development products at the show. FD Munitions is developing a caseless rifle. At least that is what they claim it to be. True caseless ammo does not have a metal container to hold the propellant. The FDM L5 rifle uses charge block ammo. It is a block of metal with five rounds in it. The block acts as one giant casing. The blocks are stackable and go into a giant magazine that is inserted from the left side of the L5 rifle.



    Long GUNS

    Quite the unicorn, the 5.56x45mm NATO SCAR-Subcomact Carbine was only unveiled recently last year at Milipol in Paris. This year we were able to get our hands on the actual SCAR-SC at SHOT Show. Based on the previous SCAR-PDW, the SC was created due to a need within Law Enforcement entities in the United States for small, compact, select fire, 5.56x45mm PDW style weapon. Although the SC is essentially a shortened SCAR with a 7.5 inch barrel, it has some features that are unique to the system. First and foremost is the non-reciprocating charging handle. This has been a much-debated point on a stock SCAR of any configuration. On the SC model the non-reciprocating handle was required due to the short overall length of the carbine. You can’t avoid getting your support hand close to the charging handle.

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