Pakistan Ordnance Factory Documentary

    POF workers assembling G3-A3 rifles (Midas Communications Pakistan)

    On the 28th December Pakistan Defence shared a ‘documentary’ looking at Pakistan’s Ordnance Factories. Produced by Midas Communication Pakistan, the short film showcases some of the work done by Pakistan’s Ordnance Factories and the large variety of small arms and ammunition they produce.

    The video begins with a short history lesson and some statistics. POF is made up of 14 state-run factories and 12 commercial subsidiaries. Pakistan’s Ordnance Factories were first established following the partition of India in 1947. POF now employs 26,000 factory workers and a 600 strong research and development section.

    a POF worker test firing a Pakistani-made DShKM heavy machine gun (Midas Communications Pakistan)

    Not only is POF responsible for the Pakistani military’s weapons but also their clothing and some of their equipment. The small arms made by the POF are an interesting mix of German and Russian which the video briefly runs down. These include copies of the German MG3, the G3 and the MP5, as well as the Russian DShKM heavy machine gun.

    Pakistan’s Ordnance Factories also manufacture more niche weapons, including the POF Eye, their copy of the CornerShot. The factories make not only weapons but ammunition producing everything from 9x19mm pistol ammunition and 12.7×108mm to 155 high explosive shells and 125mm armour piercing kinetic sabot rounds.

    125mm armour piercing kinetic sabot rounds (Midas Communications Pakistan)

    Some of a POF factory’s machines (Midas Communications Pakistan)

    POF’s copy of the CornerShot, the POF Eye (Midas Communications Pakistan)

    Finally, the video runs down the benefits workers enjoy including housing, free basic healthcare, education and vocational training centres for family members. While clearly corporate promotional video, the short film gives an interesting look inside POF showing the factory floors and the weapons manufactured.

    Check out the video below:

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