NEW Polish FB Radom AK/Beryl Parts Imported to the USA

    NEW Polish FB Radom AKBeril Parts Hitting the US Market (1)

    Arms of America and Atlantic Firearms have announced that they are starting the importation of Polish Beryl rifle parts into the USA. The two companies are the official distributors of the Polish FB Radom (FABRYKA BRONI “ŁUCZNIK” – RADOM SP. Z O.O.). While American Arms will be selling these parts separately, Atlantic Firearms will also build rifles using the imported parts. Here is an excerpt from the Arms of America Facebook page announcement:

    We are very excited to announce for the first time ever the famous Polish Military Small Arms Factory in Radom, Poland – Fabryka Broni has supplied the US market with brand new factory direct AK/Beryl parts and accessories! Arms of America, LLC is authorized to import and retail these parts direct to consumers in the USA. Atlantic Firearms has also been authorized by FB to supply and incorporate these items into their future offerings.

    Let’s also watch an announcement video made by Mishaco YouTube channel, then take a closer look at some of the newly imported parts.


    They are now importing 5.56x45mm Polish Beryl magazines. These are green translucent polymer 30-round AK magazines. As mentioned in the video, these magazines should also work with a variety of other 5.56x45mm AKs. The MSRP on Arms of America’s website is $34.95.


    These Polish Beryl collapsible buttstocks will also fit AK-47/AKM pattern fixed stock rear trunnions. MSRP is $169.95.

    Scope Mount

    NEW Polish FB Radom AKBeril Parts Hitting the US Market (4)

    This part is designed to provide a rigid Picatinny rail over the top cover. Its front end is attached to the rear sight block and the rear portion is fixed on the Beryl rear trunnion. MSRP – $149.

    Handguard and Gas Tube Cover

    According to the Arms of America, these are the current Polish military issue handguards. When mounted on the weapon, these parts provide quad Picatinny rail. MSRP for this set is $189.

    There are several other FB Radom products imported to the USA including a pistol grip, AK bolt, extended magazine release lever, safety selector lever, vertical forward grip etc. You can find below the images of some of these products.

    NEW Polish FB Radom AKBeril Parts Hitting the US Market (8)

    NEW Polish FB Radom AKBeril Parts Hitting the US Market (7)

    For more information visit the websites of Arms of America and Atlantic Firearms.

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