New Generation BCM Gunfighter AR-15 Charging Handles

    BCM Gunfighter AR-15 Charging Handle

    Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) has introduced the second generation of their Gunfighter series of AR-15 charging handles. The new handles come in standard or ambidextrous versions. Each of these two versions is also available with two latch length options.

    Standard and ambidextrous versions of the new BCM Gunfighter charging handle


    The new charging handles are made of 7075 T6 aluminum and feature a mil-spec (Mil-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2) hard coat anodized finish. These handles are compatible with all mil-spec direct impingement AR-15 rifles. The manufacturer warns that these handles won’t work with adjustable gas keyed bolt carrier groups.

    These charging handles are designed to remove the stresses from the latch pivot pin. Here is how BCM describes that feature:

    Redesigned to eliminate the load on the pivot pin (like USGI handle fitted with an extended latch) and keep the energy from charging close the centerline of the carbine/rifle, BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Charging Handles provides an larger interrupted engagement surface with a smaller silhouette.


    If the new Gunfighter charging handle has a smaller non-extended size of the latch, then you’ll see number 4 in its model name. The non-ambidextrous one is called Mod 4B and the ambidextrous charging handle with smaller latches is called Mod 4×4.

    BCM Gunfghter charging handle

    Four options of BCM Gunfighter charging handle

    The large latch size charging handles have the number 3 in the model designation. The standard charging handle with an enlarged latch is called Mod 3B. The ambidextrous charging handle with large latches is designated as Mod 3X3.

    The new generation BCM Gunfighter charging handles are available on the company’s website at an MSRP of $49.95 for the standard versions and $79.95 for the ambidextrous ones.

    I think it could be a good idea if the company also offered a mixed latch version of the ambidextrous charging handle. Many people need the second side latch mainly as a backup option or for rare occasions of manipulating the handle with the dominant hand. So having a large size latch on the most used side and a smaller one on the backup side could be a desirable configuration for many customers.

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