Customized AK-105 with 1P87 sight, 60-round magazine and RMB-93 shotgun

    Do you like customized AKs? Look no further, just scroll down and enjoy the pictures and YouTube video below.As the company Raid Gear in Russia shot their promotion video they used some interesting firearms and gear.

    Here you can see the 1P87 optic. I wonder where they got the idea from the design from? But the design seems slimmer than the EOTech.

    According to this is produced by the JSC Optics plant Jupiter and called 1P87 and was discovered in pictures around 2016.

    Note the suppressor on this AK.

     There is more information about the 1P87 optic here. Notice the hand guard.



    Note the 60-round magazine for 5.45×39 mm.

    Flash – Bang. It’s hard to tell if they’re using live rounds in the video, but I don’t think so.

    The muzzle brake reminds me of the M3 submachine gun.

    Looks like some Magpul furniture was used here. Note to self: don’t wear red if trying to hide.

    Here you can see the new 60-round 5.45×39 Magazines made by Puf Gun, with its thick design.

    That’s a lot of magazine to hold on to!

    The RMB-93 pump shotgun makes an appearance in the video as well. It’s located in the on the back of one of the soldiers and we don’t get to see it much. I understand this shotgun might be available in Canada (perhaps with a stock)?

    The RMB-93 is designed and made by KBP Instrument Design Bureau of Tula in Russia.

    This shotgun is mainly CQB combat weapon for Special Forces and Police units, hence it reduced size and pistol-grip only design. Perhaps used as the Master Key as well?

    From the YouTube video description

    Tactical equipment for MBC professionals With all the range of equipment you can see on our website: MBC Company has never stopped on the reached since its foundation. This is directly manifested in our products, in quality, in technological solutions, in the materials used by us, and also in the flexibility of the approach to the client in developing equipment for individual needs. “MBC” at the first stage of development was created by one enthusiast who served in the ranks of the Russian army in the “hot time” for our Motherland. Based on the experience gained with the use of domestic equipment of that time, the creation of the first samples of equipment of our company began. For 10 years the company has acquired consultants, designers, ideological inspirers and testers. When developing the equipment, we try to collect all the solutions that have proven themselves when used by professionals in this field, the manufacturers’ work – the industry leaders and of course add their ideas and design. We do not seek compromises between our capabilities and the demands of our customers – we are delivering to the market exactly the product that will best correspond to its purpose for application and the technical task set before us. Before approving a new product and sending it to a serial production, each new product undergoes “combat” tests, both on the strength and ergonomics of its application in this or that situation. In this catalog we would like to bring to your attention our products, which are produced serially. We are proud that our equipment, in the literal sense of the word, “serves” our Motherland and hope to see you among the clients of the company “MBC”.

    Here you can see the video with the rifles, optic and shotgun:

    All photos from the YouTube video.

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